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VINTAGE TEA POT TIMER FOR BAKING! roses pantry collection!

I love to bake and i thought other people who like to would like this. when you need a reminder set the timer. rosies pantry adds a touch of.

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Brew do you think you are? Why tea needs to copy coffee in order to survive

Each has a specific ratio of leaf to water, a timer on every pot that's brewing. Kelly calls her staff “tearistas” and warns against apologising to customers who stumble in looking for coffee. Shaan Mahrotri, who keeps a teapot on his desk at the

Folly Row Cafe, Kingston St Michael, Chippenham

The indulgent clotted cream was yummy and the equally so strawberry jam made by a woman in the village. The Tardis like teapot of Assam was accompanied by a timer set to three minutes so you could remove the tea pouch at the optimum time or to taste.

Kitchen gadgets review: the iKettle – a world off its rocker

Kitchen gadgets review: immersible egg timer – yolk-burstingly good. Boiling an . Is there really a point in boiling a kettle when you're a few miles from home when you will only switch it on to make sure it's boiled before pouring it into the


Source: the world of tea

By tea, I mean standard black tea from a teabag. According to research by consumer analysts Mintel, sales of black tea have dropped by 22% over the past five years. In 2010 Britons bought 97m kg of tea, last year only 76m kg. Mintel thinks that figure will continue to decline. Apparently the under-35s prefer green or herbal teas. Global warming’s effect on prices may also have affected sales. (Maybe the tea campaigners and climate change groups can get together on this one. ) And, the report says, people are prioritising their health and buying fewer biscuits. The real reason for tea’s decline is coffee. Unlike tea, coffee is aspirational. It is a Rolex in a cardboard cup. A takeaway flat white/bulletproof says you have means and a lifestyle. With its steely levers, clanking and hissing, the coffee machine hides its secrets in a puff of magic steam. But any fool can make a tea. It is the anti-coffee, a beverage so unaspirational that it is fondly known as a “builders’”. I have nothing against builders – my dad was a builder – but even builders have gone off a cup of builders’. “It does reflect the coffee culture in many ways,” Kelly says. “Coffee has become so particular, almost like wine,” she says. “We drink tea second only to water and yet we still think it’s OK to have a teabag thrown in a cup of boiling hot water. It seemed like an obvious gap in the market. ” There were precedents for how to fill that gap: her business partner was impressed by the tea-bar scene in San Francisco. In 2012 Starbucks acquired the US tea bar chain Teavana. So the tea market is evolving, fancifying. Natasha Kelly, who last year opened Tiosk on east London’s Broadway Market - a cafe selling only tea - calls it “the new tea”. Each has a specific ratio of leaf to water, a timer on every pot that’s brewing. Kelly calls her staff “tearistas” and warns against apologising to customers who stumble in looking for coffee. Don’t be sorry,” she says. At launch, she expected English Breakfast to be the bestseller, but it has been outstripped by the Matcha latte and Chai latte, teas whose names have clearly been influenced by premium coffee. Is top-end tea trying to turn into coffee. Maybe it is right that the humble teabag has had its day. Shaan Mahrotri, who keeps a teapot on his desk at the Rare Tea Company and drinks about 10 cups a day, says he “hasn’t seen a decline in black tea at all”, and his company supplies premium teas to the likes of Claridges. Perhaps it is not tea that Britons are losing enthusiasm for, but teabags. According to Mintel ’s Emma Clifford, sales of green and herbal teas are thriving, although insufficiently “to compensate for the decline of black tea”. The report urges PG Tips and Tetley to explore other ways to engage consumers’ interests. Or, as Clifford puts it, “to grow awareness that a teabag doesn’t have to be used in the standard cup of tea format”. Tea can survive, but it may need to turn into something else.

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Used a timer on this one, zero motion blur here.

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Tea Shelves @ Work
Tea Shelves @ Work

Most of my current tea stuff at work

Photo by Rob Ireton

English Breakfast Tea with tea timer AUD4 - Little Chloe, Malvern East
English Breakfast Tea with tea timer AUD4 - Little Chloe, Malvern East

Photo by avlxyz