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Girlfriend's reaction to finally getting a baby teacup pig!

She's literally been wanting a baby teacup pig for years now and I've yet to hear the end of it. until now. She finally got her piggy and her reaction is priceless.

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RUSSELL HIVELY: Blue moon pies once a blue moon?

A teacup pig is so small that, when born, it will fit into a teacup. Even some of the Hollywood stars have taken teacup pigs as pets. I think Paris Hilton has a teacup hog. Someone who does not respect her said, “That is an example of a pig owning a pig!”.

Did Donald Trump Get Megyn Kelly Fired?

Kelly asked: “You've called women you don't like, 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' 'slobs,' and 'disgusting animals… You once told a contestant on I think the Trump-pets need to understand you can be for some one that is NOT PERFECT and that IS definitely

Pampered Piglets Hits out at 'Misguided' Activists After Online Attacks on ...

Contrary to rumors, Pampered Piglets is assuring all their new and potential owners that teacup pigs are not starved or stunted in any way and have been selectively bred for their compact size. The site has also published full details of their breeding

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Miniature pig - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A miniature pig is a breed of pig developed and used for medical research or for use as a pet. These smaller pigs were first used for medical research in Europe ...

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Pet with a difference: The micro pigs (pictured with an average sized ...

Pet with a difference: The micro pigs (pictured with an average sized ...
Image by www.dailymail.co.uk

Snout pout: Breeder Jane Croft enjoys a happy moment with one of her ...

Snout pout: Breeder Jane Croft enjoys a happy moment with one of her ...
Image by www.dailymail.co.uk

6b543350ccbc40ff5bd6bd579211cf68-Mini Pig 1.jpg

6b543350ccbc40ff5bd6bd579211cf68-Mini Pig 1.jpg
Image by scienceblogs.com

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The Perfect Piggy
ISBN 1494824507,9781494824501
92 pages

Are you fascinated by these cute little pets? Would you like to learn more about these miniature pigs? Ever wondered how big a Teacup Pig actually grows? If the answer to above question is 'yes', then you'll love 'The Perfect Piggy' Micro Pig help book. The Perfect Piggy book gives you a set of explicit, practical, step by step guidelines that will help you with buying, owning, and training your dream pet. It's a complete guide to Micro pigs and their care. Seven things this book does for you: 1. Saves you money - micro pigs are expensive, but are you aware that there are cheap alternatives that are a fraction of the cost. In some cases you can even get a pet pig for FREE. This book explains where to find these cheaper and free alternatives. 2. Demonstrates how to train a pig - learn...

Wild Boars and Teacup Pigs
Wild Boars and Teacup Pigs
Published by The Rosen Publishing Group 2013
ISBN 9781477761007,1477761004
32 pages

They may both be pigs, but the lives of wild boars and teacup pigs are drastically different. One roams the forests, while the other lounges around the house. Young readers will be introduced to the basics of life science as they learn to compare and contrast with their new porcine friends.

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Pampered Piglets Hits out at 'Misguided' Activists After Online Attacks on Micro Pig Breeders
09/02/15, via Digital Journal

Pampered Piglets are a reliable, high quality breeder of micro pigs and teacup pigs, and has criticized activists who claim people shouldn’t have these animals as domestic pets. This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire Fairview, UT ...

Pet porkers pack rescues as trendy teacup pigs fatten up
08/27/15, via Redding Record Searchlight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Eva Monroy bought a mini pig for her family and fed it what the breeder instructed: a half-cup of food in the morning and a half-cup at night. But the piglet named Hammond started raiding the pantry and digging through the trash.

Be careful if you’re thinking of buying a pet pig’ warns Cambs animal charity as they rescue nine neglected pigs from appalling conditions
08/07/15, via wisbechstandard.co.uk

Marie believes websites listing such pigs as teacup or micropigs are giving people a false impression that this is a breed which will not grow very big and are therefore a good domestic indoor pet. “The truth is, there is no such breed as a micropig ...