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History of the Teapot - Interactive 3D Graphics

This video is part of an online course, Interactive 3D Graphics. com/course/cs291.

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Autodesk Maya 2016 New Features Overview

For more control over the sculpting tools, you can use a graphics tablet. To prevent You can also select from several different preview objects include spheres, planes, cloth and teapot and also from several unique interior and exterior HDR

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But in the Bible, Jesus forbids his followers from exposing themselves to anything pornographic. . . . If the book explored the same themes without sexual images or erotic language, I would have read it.” I understand his qualms, but still: Mental

Emerging Objects 3D prints Utah Teapot Set out of instant tea

The Utah Teapot (also known as the Newell Teapot) is an iconic digital model that comes shipped with many CAD programs to be used as a sample model. It was one of the first 3D models ever created when it was drafted in 1975 by computer graphics 

Autodesk Maya 2016 New Features Overview - GameDev.net

Source: www.gamedev.net

Although I'm not too happy about the main interface changes, other changes like the overhauled Hypergraph interface are welcomed and long overdue. Improvements in the Modeling toolkit and more effects in Bifrost are good to see and the new Profiler tool makes me wonder how I lived without it all these years. Integrating the Mudbox Sculpting tools into Maya is a great improvement and other small improvements like the Delta Mush deformer are huge time savers. Interface Changes. The main background interface color is now a dark gray. I personally feel it is more of a user preference and I like the lighter colors. The good news is that you can easily switch color schemes if you want. There have been lots of subtle changes to the Maya interface in this release and I found myself hunting for commands at times. There is a helpful Find Menu option in the Help menu that will help you locate any commands you can't find. The most annoying change was that the menu set hotkeys changed, but you can switch them back if you want. The Shelf interface also changed quite a bit with the Curves shelf rolled into the Surfaces shelf and the new Rigging, Sculpting and FX shelves. All the Shelf icons have also changed. This change made it easier to scale the interface for different displays and resolutions including support for touch screens, but as an experience user, I find it frustrating to have to learn the new icons. These icons are also used in the main menus and in the marking menus. To help in learning the new icons, the development team has color coded them based on function, so all the polygon oriented commands are orange and the surface and curve commands are blue. The Hotkey Editor also changed, but this is a great change. It includes a keyboard visual and shows automatically which keys are used when the Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Command key are pressed. There is also a search command for finding specific commands. Another nice new addition is that the Text tool can now use all OpenType, TrueType and Postscript fonts that are available on the system. Within the Animation section of the Preferences dialog box are two new evaluation modes that you can enable. The Parallel evaluation mode increases overall animation playback by using all the cores in parallel. The Serial evaluation mode uses only a single core for playback. There is also a GPU Override option lets you take advantage of any GPU processors on your installed graphics card. You can also display any evaluation data in the heads-up display and there is also a new Profile tool, shown in Figure 1, lets you see a graph how much time each process takes to display the scene. Using this tool, you can quickly identify those objects in the scene that take too long to render compared to the other scene elements. Figure 1: The Profiler tool shows in a graph how much time each animation process takes. Using the New Sculpting Toolset. Maya 2016 includes a full set of sculpting tools taken from Autodesk's own Mudbox package. Selecting the new Sculpting Shelf opens an array of different sculpting tools. The Visor also includes several sculpting presets that you can practice on, like the T-Rex in Figure 2. The Sculpting Shelf includes tools for Sculpt, Smooth, Relax, Grab, Pinch, Flatten, Foamy, Spray, Repeat, etc. Each tool has its own settings that you can access in the Tools Settings dialog box. There is also a symmetry setting for mirroring any changes to the opposite side of the model simultaneously. For more control over the sculpting tools, you can use a graphics tablet. To prevent unwanted changes, you can select a region of vertices and freeze them. The Sculpting tools are also integrated with the Blend Shape Editor, allowing you to create animated morphs of objects. Figure 2: The Sculpting toolkit includes a variety of different sculpting tools that are used directly within the viewport. Maya's Hypershade interface for creating shaders has been completely redesigned. You can access the new Hypershade interface using a button on the Status Line. The new interface includes a node editing interface that you can use to attach node inputs and outputs.


Utah teapot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Utah teapot or Newell teapot is a 3D computer model that has become a standard reference object (and something of an in-joke) in the computer graphics community.

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Grafisk facilitering, strategisk illustration og kurser i ...
Om Teapot; Find mig; Download min gratis guide: Sådan bliver dine præsentationer bedre! - 7 tips til at blive husket - og meld dig samtidig til mit nyhedsbrev, der ...

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Google Books

Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming
Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2008
ISBN 184800284X,9781848002845
400 pages

OpenGL, which has been bound in C, is a seasoned graphics library for scientists and engineers. As we know, Java is a rapidly growing language becoming the de facto standard of Computer Science learning and application development platform as many undergraduate computer science programs are adopting Java in place of C/C++. Released by Sun Microsystems in June 2003, the recent OpenGL binding with Java, JOGL, provides students, scientists, and engineers a new venue of graphics learning, research, and applications. Overview This book aims to be a shortcut to graphics theory and programming in JOGL. Specifically, it covers OpenGL programming in Java, using JOGL, along with concise computer graphics theories. It covers all graphics basics and several advanced topics without including some...

3D Computer Graphics
3D Computer Graphics
Published by Cambridge University Press 2003
ISBN 0521821037,9780521821032
371 pages

Topics include transformations, lighting and shading, ray tracing, radiosity, texture mapping, colour theory, and aspects of animation.

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Classic surfaces for computer graphics include the teapot, the bunny and Michelangelo's David.


Fluffy clouds adorn the sky. One looks a bit like the Utah teapot. Perhaps this world is but a graphics demo.


Google Developers Blog: Learn about Vulkan and 3D Graphics ...: We also learn about the famous Utah Teapot, a ... http://t.co/Xxn1yMQutd

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Working: Cookies as edible art
09/28/15, via Sun-Journal

A movie star's portrait. A delicate teapot. A postcard from Maine, complete with lighthouses. It's edible art that sometimes requires an unexpected nudge. She sent her Texas friend a Thor cookie this summer, a 5-inch vanilla bean with Chris Hemsworth's ...

GOOD NEWS: Fair Creative Arts Results
09/27/15, via Odessa American

Alice teapot, blue ribbon, theme, Santa, blue ribbon, box angel, blue ribbon, witch ornament, blue ribbon, art bin, blue ribbon, chairman’s choice, egg with chicken, red ribbon, teapot with flowers, blue ribbon, snowman banner, blue ribbon, best in show.

On the Wall: Berlin, South Africa, New York, Toronto
09/22/15, via The Star

His images — typewriters, a teapot, a ragged tree — shift between the whimsical ... At her exhibition here, an import from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, she shows how. By laying bare the mechanics of our image-heavy culture, she both ...


The original image was found at graphics.cs.berkeley.edu/papers/Iben-GSC-2006-09/ The image linked here is claimed to be used under fair use as: 1. It is a historically significant artwork. 2. The image is only being used for informational purposes. 3. Its inclusion in the wiki adds significantly to the wiki because it illustrates the subject of this wiki and how the image depicted is familiar to the general public. 4. The image is readily available on the internet. 5. It is a low resolution image. 6. It is not believed that this use will cause commercial harm to the copyright holder.

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#art #picture #artist #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #masterpiece #creative #photooftheday #instaartist #graphic #graphics #artoftheday #picoftheday #minimal #follow #like #igersbsas #pava #mate #córdoba #retro #vintage #wood

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The teapot. Graphics nerds will know why this is cool.

Photo by learza