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Roadside Attraction - Teapot Dome Gas Station

The Teapot Dome Service Station was constructed in 1922 as a memorial to the Teapot Dome Government scandal. It is an example of novelty architecture and.

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Yakima Valley tourism attractions include old teapot gas station, quirky ...

The teapot was hand-crafted in an era when gas stations worked to give travelers something to remember. It performed admirably until the arrival of Interstate 82 in 1978 caused it to relocate. It plugged along in its new location, but was pretty

Police: Son used hammers, tea pot to bludgeon parents

Stephanie Rupp was growing increasingly worried about her elderly parents, William and Gayle Maurer, that cold January weekend. She had spoken with her mother the previous Saturday night, making plans to meet at church the next morning. But they 

Federal Oil and Gas Royalty and Revenue Reform

When the federal government last changed its royalty rate for oil and gas production on America's public lands, Standard Oil's monopoly had only recently been broken, Ford's Model A still had not rolled off the assembly line, the Teapot Dome scandal

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The Teapot Dome Service Station is a former service station built in the shape of a teapot. It was intended as a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal that rocked the ...

Teapot - City of Zillah
Historical Significance. Government scandal was behind the construction of the 15-foot handled-and-spouted gas station. The Teapot Dome oil reserve debacle began ...

Teapot Dome Gas Station - Zillah, Washington - Gas Station ...
Teapot Dome Gas Station, Zillah, Washington. 30 likes · 216 were here. Local Business

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Teapot gas Station- Zillah, Washington Postcard

Teapot gas Station- Zillah, Washington Postcard
Image by www.zazzle.co.uk

Teapot Dome Gas Station has a new home

Teapot Dome Gas Station has a new home
Image by stuckattheairport.com

Teapot gas station

Teapot gas station
Image by pinterest.com

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Tempest Over Teapot Dome
Tempest Over Teapot Dome
Published by University of Oklahoma Press 1998
ISBN 0806130784,9780806130781
376 pages

Offering insight into turn-of-the-century American politics, economic development, and environmental policy, a penetrating study of the Teapot Dome scandal focuses on the role of Albert B. Fall, who became the first American cabinet member sent to prison. UP.

Tempest in a Teapot
Tempest in a Teapot
Published by GuidepostsBooks 2015
ISBN 0824948033,9780824948030
327 pages

When an out-of-state developer wants to drain Fairy Pond—a beloved piece of Acorn Hill`s past—and put in a gas station, a storm of protest rises up. But while most residents are opposed to destroying the idyllic spot, some businesspeople are in favor of the added commerce a gas station would bring. With the town divided, Mayor Lloyd Tynan is having a hard time keeping everyone happy, but when the stress starts to affect his health, the fight over Fairy Pond takes on a new urgency. With the mayor out of commission, who will champion the cause of saving this natural wonder? A recluse who lives by the pond has some answers, but his strange history with Louise complicates matters. As the Howard sisters take charge to fight the development, help arrives from an unexpected source and...

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Nutter admits to stabbing another man at a gas station
08/17/15, via WTOV 9

WHEELING, W.Va. -- A Wheeling man has admitted to stabbing another man at a local gas station, and on Monday, it was learned just why that happened. Drew Nutter says that he and another man were fighting over money when Nutter went into a gas station and ...

Teapot left on stove blamed in west Las Vegas fire
06/17/15, via Fox 5 KVVU-TV

Five other people living in the neighboring apartment above the affected unit were displaced. Fire investigators believe an unattended teapot boiling on the stove may have caused the fire. The person living in the apartment woke to the smoke alarm going off.

Government sells scandalized Teapot Dome oilfield for $45M
02/03/15, via eaglefordtexas.com

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A private company finally will be able to drill legally for oil at Teapot Dome, a remote Wyoming oilfield that remains best known for a political scandal that embroiled the administration of President Warren G. Harding in the early ...

Teapot Dome
Teapot Dome

near Zillah, Washington

Photo by Larry Myhre

Teapot Dome
Teapot Dome

The Teapot Dome Gas Station in Yakima Valley Washington

Photo by austinevan

Teapot Dome Gas Station
Teapot Dome Gas Station

This unique 1920's gas station was restored and moved iin 2012 to a park in Zillah, Washington where it is now a tourist visitor center. It is complete with the original outhouse restrooms (no longer used). The pumps are not real. See my 2010 photo of this station in it's previous location: www.flickr.com/photos/larrymyhre/4680650672/

Photo by Larry Myhre