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Jill Any Other Colour Adult 1st - J. Manton 2nd - R. Sadler. 241. Young Albino . An arrangement in a Teapot, space allowed 40cms wide. 1st - Mrs C Gilbraith . Item of Decorated Ceramic or Pottery 1st - Mr Colin Mather 2nd - Mr Colin Mather. 380

What's it worth: Two brass plates, chests from Hong Kong

QUESTION: I'm sending you a photograph of an old post office that was once used in a country store. I know that it is at least 80 years old. It has two brass plates, one marked “U.S. Mail Letters” and the other “U.S. Post Office, The Sadler Co. Makers

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Clarice Cliff and modern day inspired items

Source: rogerschris51

Clarice Cliff (1899-1972) has had her fair share of imitators since her popularity peaked once again in the 90s. Sadly much of the work lacks any kind of originality, indeed Lorna Bailey, was to Clarice Cliff, what Cilla Black, is to Maria Callas. Lorna was an underglaze artist not onglaze like Clarice, style and production were worlds apart between the two designers, Lorna and her career were brief 3 years tops, where clarice had a good decade of sucess. I met Lorna and found her to be a very lovely lady, imaginative and realistic too, but parts of her collection were very good and different. The underglaze aspect soon copied by Crown Devon and Ty Wills, who did lots of Clarice style items including the Dorothy Ann label sifters, and vases this really proved how simple underglaze was to do, and had a detrimental effect on the complete... Moorland produced some fabulous hand painted items in the mid 90s, painter Dean Sherwin painted my early pieces, and was a talented man, I understand he left the industry years ago. The later lithographed Moorland items “Rye Hills” and “Huntley Cottage” sugar sifters are quite bland and colourless, and the “crocus” design shakers have sadly become half finished no top line, or bottom green line to the sifter, commercial... Terry Abbotts who paints Cliff style reproductions, is another character whom I met along the way a talented painter, but not a designer in his own right. His views are a little patronising and lack any encouragement for future designers which is sad, as there are many talented designers out there. The main trouble with the Clarice Cliff collectors, is the pompus ambience that surrounds it. I recall years ago being confronted by a Dealer from the Midlands, she was rude, and vile, because I was selling my own sugar sifters for £75, and she... after all I was selling my own work. Clarice Cliff is now mega bucks, and you cannot blame buyers wanting to protect their investments but not at risk of new cliff inspired designs surely. I recall the Wedgwood interpretations well, colours changed and little changes white instead of honey glazed pieces who ever advised them. had little knowledge or passion for the product, or was it intentional to protect the Clarice Cliff dealers. several years earlier, Midwinter produced some stunning reproductions with help from Ethel Barrow an original Clarice Cliff Crocus painter her experienced showed throughout the range. The fake Clarice Cliff Lotus jugs were fabulous in their appearance, and painted very well such a pity they were fakes, and not part of a genuine wedgwood product but where there is muck there is brass I guess. I never intended to be a designer, I was just inspired by Clarice Cliffs work, All my work I feel is something Clarice could have done but never did, I have never really been welcomed with open arms, but I take this with a pinch of salt. Winston Churchill said :”If You Have Made Enemies you have done something right”. Sadler did produced a lovely Clarice inspired teapot and mug in the 90s, wade also produced some 30s style wall pockets, from their archives no doubt. Brian Wood made some lovely pieces hand painted, but once again the designs were not wonderful enough to keep the momentum going. I have left out pictures of inspired samples as they can be found on ebay and many other sites. of seeing products produced in the potteries I have tried to be honest without being petty or nasty to people just factual. Christopher Rogers designer.

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James Sadler and Sons Ltd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Sadler and Sons Ltd was a pottery manufacturer originally founded in 1882 by James Sadler in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

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Description Sadler car teapot 30s.JPG

Description Sadler car teapot 30s.JPG
Image by en.wikipedia.org

Sadler Bone China Teapot - Flowers - Gold Gilt

Sadler Bone China Teapot - Flowers - Gold Gilt
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The Sadler Teapot Manufactory Site, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, SJ 868 499; The Marquis of Granby Hotel Site, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, SH 868 498; A Group of Astbury-type Pottery Found in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, SJ 879 469

British Teapots and Coffee Pots
British Teapots and Coffee Pots
Published by Osprey Publishing 2015
ISBN 0747806349,9780747806349
48 pages

ABOUT THE BOOK From the elegant to the quirky, teapots and coffee pots come in a range of styles and designs and are among the most familiar household items. Both decorative and easily displayed, they are very collectable and can be relatively inexpensive. In this book, Steven Goss charts their development over a period of three hundred years, providing information on the materials used in their manufacture, influential factories and designers, and a guide to dating the many different styles. * In the eighteenth century a pound of tea could cost more than a week's wages for a skilled craftsman. * Early coffee pots often have handles set at a right angle to the spout. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steven Goss has been involved in the antiques trade for more than twenty-five years as a full-time...

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Churchill China, James Sadler teapot, unused, in box, perfect present.http://t.co/jBKcULEDs2? http://t.co/ZyJ05Ffnsl


Churchill China James Sadler Teapot OLD POTTERY Giftboxed * Unused http://t.co/H3t50eHoko … via @eBay_UK http://t.co/LqdmKJgx1G


Churchill China James Sadler Teapot OLD POTTERY Giftboxed * Unused http://t.co/H3t50eHoko via @eBay_UK

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I'm a Little Teapot Tea
Ingredients:club soda, lemonade, lime juice, sugar, water

Teapot Cake
Ingredients:pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring

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Raymond Terrace teapot artist loves buzz of the party
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WILDFLOWER paintings are the specialty of Raymond Terrace artist Florence Humphreys. For more than 20 years she has been taking her beautifully painted teapots to the Weird and Wonderful Morpeth Tea Party and this year is no exception. "I just love meeting ...

Q&A on Collecting: Staffordshire teapot steeped in history
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Q: Enclosed is a photo of a clay teapot that has been in our family for a long time. Decorated with a fox hunting scene, it is cream colored with gold trim. The bottom of the pot says “Sadler — England” and “3491.” Can you tell me the history of ...

High tea for the somebodies
08/10/10, via Mail & Guardian Online

The original racing teapot is attributed to the English ceramicist James Sadler, whose pottery house, James Sadler and Sons Ltd, was one of the leading Art Deco pottery manufacturers in England at the beginning of the 20th century. Sadler made his first ...

173/2011 tennis and cream tea
173/2011 tennis and cream tea

After watching Wimbledon tennis on TV, we appriopriately found this quirky "tennis match" teapot on the window cill of the country tea house, where we went for traditional Sussex cream tea. This teapot is an example of Sadler vintage pottery, an English company founded in 1882, and generally considered synonymous with quality and good taste. Their teapots have found their way around the world, and are also quite collectable. Possibly not so practical in everyday use, but certainly pretty to look at. Must say, today's tennis fashions look quite different :)

Photo by rosipaw