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How to make Loose Leaf Tea with the Gravity Teapot - Coffeewiz

Watch Tavalon Tea Sommelier Chris Cason as he introduces you to making the perfect cup of tea without the hassle of plungers, paper filters, and clunky tea .

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David Cameron 'Lacked Balls' To Take Military Action In Syria And Stop ISIS ...

It was even more of a clusterf f**k than Iraq. If nothing else Iraq and Afghanistan has taught us that massive fire power and cyutting edge technology is very good for blowing the otyher side away. But as useful as a chocolate teapot, for the very hard

The Good Old Cup of Joe, Reimagined as Galaxies and Oceans

Forget a tempest in a teapot. Victoria Siemer puts the ocean in a coffee cup. Her wildly imaginative, often outlandish Instagram coffee mugs make your artfully foamed lattes look downright boring. The Brooklyn graphic designer's caffeinated creativity

CEO Daily: Thursday, August 6

That's in tiny part due to the teapot's worth of controversy caused by who was left out of the main event. (As many as seven lower-polling GOP candidates will duke it out in a JV-squad intramural at 5 p.m., while much of America begins their commute

The Good Old Cup of Joe, Reimagined as Galaxies and Oceans - Wired


At first glance, her Instagram images look like every other photo of a coffee cup posted by someone with too much time on their hands. Look closer, though, and you’ll find wonderful scenes. Surfers riding a wave. “The coffee cup manipulations are a nice way to wake up my creativity for the day. ” she says. Siemer started with photos of coffee cups she found online, but grew frustrated because many stock photos “suck. “I realized if I was ever going to make the images that I wanted I’d have to start shooting them myself,” she says. She still occasionally uses pictures of cups found in the public domain, and shoots the rest with her Nikon D1500 or Canon 5D Mark III. She usually surfs the Internet for pictures of the ocean, and all the space stuff is from NASA. Siemer plans to start using a drone soon, so she can user her own aerial images instead of stock photography. Siemer shoots whatever she’s drinking, wherever she’s drinking it. She doesn’t follow a fixed schedule, choosing instead to make images when the mood strikes. The biggest satisfaction (beyond the flavor and caffeine, that is) comes from sharing her work. Siemer posts her images on everything from Facebook and Twitter to Tumblr and Instagram and even Ello. “I really love when people send back photos inspired by the series, it’s been fun to see what other people imagine in their morning coffee,” she says. And if you’re wondering, of course she loves coffee. “I’m very big on the iced coffee, even in the winter,” she says. “Sometimes I just need the caffeine to hit my system as fast as possible. Skip To: Start of Article. gallery Instagram photography photoshop


Tavalon Tea | Gravity Pot
Make the perfect cup of tea without the hassle of plungers, paper filters, and clunky tea balls thanks to tavalon's gravity teapot. The 18-ounce teapot uses direct ...

Gravity Infuser | Steep City Teas
Our gravity infuser is the easiest way to steep tea. We recommend everyone have one at work and at home. Manufactured with medical grade Eastman Tritan for amazing ...

Mother's Day Gravity Defying Miniature Tea Set & Macarons Cupcakes - How to by Pink Cake Princess
Gravity defying cupcakes for Mother's Day! See how to make miniature tea set & miniature macarons cupcakes! This gravity defying fondant miniature teapot ...

Gravity Teapot

Gravity Teapot
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Functional Pottery
Functional Pottery
Published by Krause Publications Craft 2000
ISBN 0873418174,9780873418171
255 pages

Covering historical as well as contemporary pottery, this book presents both philosophical and practical experiences from the 43-year-pottery-making-career of Robin Hopper, one of America's most recognized ceramic artists.

Einstein's Heroes
Einstein's Heroes
Published by Oxford University Press 2015
ISBN 0195308905,9780195308907
336 pages

Blending science, history, and biography, this book reveals the mysteries of mathematics, focusing on the life and work of three of Albert Einstein's heroes: Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and James Clerk Maxwell.

Cooking recipes

I'm a Little Teapot Tea
Ingredients:club soda, lemonade, lime juice, sugar, water

Teapot Cake
Ingredients:pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring

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Master potters and their ways with clay
08/31/15, via Stuff

The owners of my teapots have got over the problems of what it is ... "The work in this exhibition is part of my current body of work Beyond Gravity,"he says. "The concept is one of changing the camera angle, rotating the horizontal surface 90 degrees ...

Plants Grow Fine Without Gravity
12/07/12, via National Geographic

Gravity is an important influence on root growth, but the scientists found that their space plants didn't need it to flourish. The research team from the University of Florida in Gainesville thinks this ability is related to a plant's inherent ability to ...

The craftmakers ahead of the digital curve
06/26/15, via Financial Times

Digital technology dominates our waking lives: the average person in the US spends upwards of seven hours a day looking at screens. More people are probably gazing into a backlit screen right now than are looking out of a window — or any other framing ...

Artisan's Asylum Open House 2012 | Emily Garfield’s “Imaginary Cartography”
Artisan's Asylum Open House 2012 | Emily Garfield’s “Imaginary Cartography”

Emily Garfield: • emilyhg . com • Etsy profile • Somerville Maker Faire page • UrbDeZine profile article Pasting from the UrbDeZine link: When asked to talk about her imaginary cartography, she said: “My intricate pen and watercolor drawings are inspired by the visual language of maps, as well as the fractal similarity that cities share with biological processes such as the patterns of cells and neurons. I invent each place as I draw, thinking about clustering of neighborhoods, patterns of roads and the individual selective memory that an inhabitant would use to navigate their city. The physical materials also influence each work; the topography of watercolor paper, the force of gravity on ink, or the tensile limitations of paper all structure my drawings in the same way that a landscape influences urban growth.” Emily Garfield creates intricate maps of imaginary places that explore the origins of cities and the function of maps themselves. She received her BA in Visual Arts from...

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