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Mothers Day Teapot Floral Design

What kind of floral art can we create for Mothers Day. Teapots, Coffee servers and the like can be wonderful presents for Mom.

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Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick - VTDigger

A variety of straw hats, tea supplies (teapots, tea cups, tea cozies), clothing, jewelry, scarves, locally made pottery, and some toiletries, among them scented soaps — sandalwood, frankincense, lemon. What struck me was the color: the clothing

Louisiana Art & Science Museum hosts paintings, prints never shown on exhibit ...

Advocate staff photo by ROBIN MILLER -- Byron Browne's 1959 painting 'Still Life With Teapot.' Advocate staff photo by ROBIN MILLER -- Byron Browne's 1956 drawing, 'Woman With Flowers' is on exhibit at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Advocate 

Fire From the Sky

On some undressed bodies, the burns had made patternsÏ—of undershirt straps and suspenders and, on the skin of some women (since white repelled the heat from the bomb and dark clothes absorbed it and conducted it to the skin), the shapes of flowers

Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick - VTDigger -


ould you believe that an English teahouse, serving afternoon tea with scones on fine bone china, set amid three acres of perennial gardens, along with a greenhouse incubating rare heirloom botanicals, is located in the Northeast Kingdom. East Hardwick is perhaps the somewhat improbable location of Perennial Pleasures Nursery — with the nursery, greenhouse and gardens run by Rachel Kane and the teahouse, along with a gift shop, run by her mother, Judith Kane. I had not heard of Perennial Pleasures until a month ago (and I am not unfamiliar with the Northeast Kingdom, having lived there as a teenager and spent much time there since), but the nursery has, in fact, been in continuous operation since 1980,... A Love of Historical Landscapes The family moved to the brick house in 1970, from Westchester County, New York, when Rachel, the middle child of five (she has four brothers), was 12 years old. Massachusetts is the original home of the Kane family, where Rachel and her brothers were born and where her father, Thomas Kane, earned his master’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts. Throughout his career, Kane advocated for the importance of landscape preservation. “It was important to him to document and demonstrate the value of cultural landscapes,” said Rachel, noting that when it comes to historic preservation, people usually think only about preserving buildings, not the grounds. Kane helped found the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation in 1978, which, according to the preservation’s website, is dedicated to “the preservation and conservation of historic landscapes in all their variety, from formal gardens and... ” His work in landscape preservation earned him the Conservation Service Award from the Secretary of the Interior in 1988 for “outstanding leadership in the conservation and preservation of historic and scenic landscapes. Rachel’s father’s aesthetic and botanical influence (sadly, he died in 1995) is clearly evident. One of Rachel’s brothers became a landscape architect and another is an architect. Rachel earned two degrees at the University of Vermont: a BA in art history and a BS in plant and soil science. She noted that many of her art history papers “involved plants somehow, like botanical illustrations or landscape paintings. Rescuing Heirlooms Rachel started the nursery with the desire to find and cultivate rare heirloom plants, with her specialty being ornamentals. “My idea was to have a nursery that was dedicated to heirloom varieties from the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, so that people who wanted to restore a garden of a certain period would be able to find those plants,” she said. You don’t find these varieties in garden centers — such as ‘Golden Glow,’ ‘Chocolate Foxglove,’ and ‘Fair Maids of France’. I asked her where and how she manages to locate these rare heirloom varieties. “I have rescued some plants from old gardens,” she said. “Old farmhouses may have varieties that were planted a hundred years ago: that’s where you can find these antique varieties. ” She also researches plants, looks through the catalogs of other nurseries, and visits historic gardens. “I like to keep these plants available and admired,” Rachel added. One of the services that Rachel offers is garden consultations. She will come to your house and help you lay out a garden, suggest plantings, and identify plants that have come with your house. “I’m not a trained garden designer,” she said, “but I have an understanding historically of how gardens were organized around a household, and I can help with re-creating historic or period gardens. Aside from helping private homeowners with their gardens and yards, Rachel has been a consultant for a number of historic houses or museums, who enlist her to help them restore their gardens or grounds by identifying and locating heirloom plants. Again, she emphasizes that she’s not a designer: “I haven’t done planning, but I provide them with appropriate plants. I work to help them find what they need for their grounds, or I grow something specifically for them. Among the historic places that she has assisted are Arlington House in Arlington, Virginia.

Paeonia Blush Coral Teapot

Paeonia Blush Coral Teapot


Price: $229.95

Inspired by an obsession with the Orient and the beautiful peony flower, the Paeonia Blush Teapot in Coral is perfect for serving tea with a stylish opulence. A beautiful coral backdrop sets the scene for an array of striking peonies and Oriental detail, while gold accents are the perfect finishing touch. Presented in a signature Wedgwood gift box.

Paeonia Blush 3-Piece Tea Set

Paeonia Blush 3-Piece Tea Set


Price: $329.95

Wedgwood's Paeonia Blush collection is an eclectic mix of gifts and teaware, all forming a celebration of the peony, a flower known for riches and honor. This Paeonia Blush 3-Piece Tea Set is inspired by the first series of Wedgwood's archive pattern books dating back to the 18th century and designed in the Chinoiserie style. A bold and enticing set perfect for afternoon tea, it features bright colors detailed with beautiful peonies and Oriental-style accents. A gorgeous gift for your home or someone special, presented in a signature Wedgwood gift box. Teapot: 5.0"H x 5.7"W x 5.7"D 33.8oz Sugar: 2.6"H x 3.2"W x 3.2"D 4.4oz Creamer: 3.2"H x 2.7"W x 2.7"D 5.1oz


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Place the rose bunch in the teapot first, then tuck in mint and ...

Place the rose bunch in the teapot first, then tuck in mint and ...
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Birdcages, Teapots With Purple Country Garden Wedding Flowers

Birdcages, Teapots With Purple Country Garden Wedding Flowers
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Flowers in Teapot

Flowers in Teapot
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Simple Flower Arranging
Simple Flower Arranging
Published by Penguin 2014
ISBN 9781465426925,1465426922
256 pages

Simple Flower Arranging helps you create flower arrangements with style and flair, be it flowers for the home, a gift, or wedding flowers. Love having flowers in your house or making blooming bouquets? Be inspired by more than 60 stylish flower arrangements made simple, from vase arrangements to wedding creations. Owners of destination florist, Bloomsbury Flowers, Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks guide you through designs and techniques that allow you to create your own incredible arrangements. Key sequences are shown through step-by-steps and sumptuous photography so you can easily see how to take a simple bunch of blooms and present them with a professional touch, encouraging you to experiment with hand-tying, wire, papers and ribbons. Organized by flower type, it's easy to find flowers...

The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas
The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas
Published by iUniverse 2006
ISBN 9780595410262,059541026X
104 pages

Enjoy gourmet tea shop flavors made in your own kitchen! Bring together the aroma of the sweetest flowers, as well as the tastes and health benefits of herbs in your everyday cuisine when you use the brewing and flavoring tips in The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas. Discover the exquisite taste of herbs and edible flowers used in brewing refreshing, stimulating, or calming beverages and delectable desserts. Delight in the herbaceous and sweet floral aromas featured in the delicious recipes for sweeteners, lemonades and spritzers, ices and frozen treats, sangrias and party punches, herbal and floral tisane blends, flavored tea blends, and confections. The Essence of Herbal and Floral Teas includes tips on cultivating herbs and edible flowers in your garden and preserving for future use...

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A maternity gift for my friend. Peonies & roses in a duck 'Baby' teapot found in a charity shop. Flowers in my flat.


VTG Picard Pamela China Teapot 1059 Made in USA Floral Flowers Purple Pink MINT

Cooking recipes

Homemade Crystallised Flowers - Violets
Ingredients:caster sugar, egg whites

Sunshine Toast in the Oven
Ingredients:bread, eggs, margarine

Strawberries in Lemon-lavender Syrup
Ingredients:lemon juice, strawberries, lavender, sugar, water, whipped cream

Flowers and Posies Frozen in Time! Fresh Floral Ice Cubes
Ingredients:ice, water

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A tranquil place for tea lovers
07/26/15, via Vietnamnet

The 50-year-old owner Sieu also sells special tea products that are made from leaves, flowers and herbs by the secrets of his ... statues of the Bodhidharma and a collection of ceramic teapots.

Hennessy short story of the month: In the trees. In the rain. All around.
07/25/15, via The Irish Times

The woman goes to the range and fetches the teapot. When she has refilled Licia’s cup and ... “What happened to the flowers?” the woman says. They have let the garden go to ruin. Only a single plant is in full bloom, the one Licia couldn’t think ...

Salt and pepper sets are their addiction and it’s hard to shake
07/24/15, via Watertown Daily Times

Shakers shaped like flowers and roller coasters and oranges that say “Florida ... For most, it starts with a set as a gift, like the ugly teapots. Then, maybe, they pick up a few more at the flea market. Their children, not thinking about who will ...

teapot with flowers.
teapot with flowers.

there was lovely light in my kitchen today, and I was just complaining about having nothing to photograph, when my flatmate came home with these beautiful flowers that her boyfriend gave her.

Photo by Lee Royal

Flower Pot 02
Flower Pot 02

Cromabs like whoa

Photo by JesseMenn