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They can't shake off addiction to salt, pepper shakers

For most, it starts with a set as a gift, like the ugly teapots. Then, maybe, they pick up a few more at the flea market. Their children, not thinking about who will have to inherit the shakers one day, buy them as gifts. Soon, it's eBay every day

El Toro students shape teapots and skills

For the past month, students at El Toro High School in Lake Forest have been learning about the creative process while handcrafting teapots from clay. Starting with two-dimensional drawings on paper, they have learned what it takes to follow an idea

Lessons on business from Jack Ma

Rather a lot has changed since 1985 when, along with my then business partner, I invested in a manufacturer of wire shopping baskets and teapots. If I had to reduce those Amazon “was a good model in 1990-something”; eBay “ran away”. Answering the 

They can't shake off addiction to salt, pepper shakers - The News Journal

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Their life together began 60 years ago, on the day Joyce and Bill Fisher got a marriage license and an ugly present. “Hideous,” Joyce says, thinking of it now. A salt and pepper shaker set shaped like teacups. The desk, the dresser and the TV are covered in salt and pepper shakers. Shakers shaped like flowers and roller coasters and oranges that say “Florida. Joyce and Bill own 15,000 salt and pepper shaker sets. They don’t say the number as if it’s impressive. At the recent Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club Convention, that’s about average. Nearly 200 collectors from five countries had packed their shakers in suitcases and Tupperware, pulled fistfuls of cash from their shaker-savings accounts and convened at a Hilton for their 30th annual gathering. “They’re insane but very welcoming, really a slice of Americana,” says Barbara Cummings, who organized the event. “Great people, just the salt of the earth. The convention — which came to Washington the same weekend as hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa — officially lasts three days. The collectors are here to show them off, share where they found them (”Buried at the Salvation Army, can you believe it. ”) and do what so many of them pretended to their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren that they wouldn’t do:... “As you can see, our group is getting older,” says Kam Masarsky of Alexandria, Virginia, as she walks down the hallway where her husband lost his hearing aid. “So a lot of people, they’re trying to downsize. “Downsize” is a relative term when people have 10 or 20 or 40,000 salt and pepper shakers lining shelves throughout the house. For most, it starts with a set as a gift, like the ugly teapots. Their children, not thinking about who will have to inherit the shakers one day, buy them as gifts. Soon, it’s eBay every day, thousands of dollars out the door and a hotel room filled with shakers. “We had three children,” Joyce says, explaining how she and Bill accumulated so many at their home outside Cleveland. “When you’re raising children, you don’t buy shakers, you buy shoes. But then the children move out, and the shakers don’t talk back, and the shakers don’t need to eat. Although most shakers sell for less than $25 per set, some are worth thousands of dollars. Bill once saw a one-of-a-kind pair shaped like “The Jetsons” go for $7,000. When the economy crashed, the price of shakers went down significantly. But other than the prices fluctuating, nothing in the shaker world has changed since the club’s first convention in 1986. The club members get together every year, have a dress-like-a-shaker costume contest and chant, “Salt and pepper, salt and... “Ooooh,” a customer says to Joyce, eyeing the Florida oranges. Perhaps filled with salt and pepper. That is the reaction to any insinuation that a set of the tens of thousands of shakers might actually be filled with salt and pepper. Pepper stains. Salt deteriorates. In their homes, the salt and pepper shakers are lined up on custom-built shelves with glass doors to keep them from gathering dust. And if new guests say “Wow, that’s a lot of shakers. ” they might not be shown the “shaker room” or “shaker basement” or entire “shaker shack. A shaker shack is a house built especially for shakers, explains Barb Nuttall from Ontario, Canada. On the outside, hers looks like a mini version of her house. On the inside, it is painted bright yellow as a backdrop to the shakers that cover the walls. “It’s my happy place,” Barb says. “I go in there every day, and I’m just happy.


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Teapots | eBay
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The Power of Many
The Power of Many
Published by Crown Business 2010
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Is it possible to run a multibillion-dollar corporation on the power of trust? Must you set aside your authentic self as you climb the corporate ladder? Is there another role for technology beyond saving costs and creating efficiencies? In The Power of Many, Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay, speaks to these questions and more, identifying ten core values that steered her—and can steer any leader—to success without ethical compromise. During her decade at the helm of eBay, Meg Whitman transformed it from a tiny start-up into a nearly $8 billion global powerhouse, revolutionizing the way goods are bought and sold online. Fortune magazine twice named her the Most Powerful Woman in Business. Now, with the vitality, candor, and often self-effacing humor that is her trademark,...

Stuff After Death: How To Identify, Value and Dispose of Inherited Stuff
Stuff After Death: How To Identify, Value and Dispose of Inherited Stuff
Published by Mary Miley Theobald 2012
ISBN 9781467544382,1467544388

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Weekly Roundup of eBay Vintage Home Finds
05/04/15, via The Huffington Post

Want to add some fab, eco-friendly style to your home but have no time to page through thousands of eBay listings? Then just sneak a peek ... the antique embossed sterling teapot, the pair of mid-century teak planters, the Hans Wegner for Adreas Tuck ...

Marjolein Bastin Teapot
Marjolein Bastin Teapot

Undecided whether to send this to a friend or put it on ebay. Found in excellent, unscatched, and unused condition at Family Thrift store. Crochet rug by me. Houston, Texas. May 2011.

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118. It's a Crock-ery
118. It's a Crock-ery

Been playing in the pantry again today, way too cold outside. From my paternal grandmother by way of my Mom. The hallmark says Titian Ware Hand Painted. The Perugia. Patent 70566. Royal Ivory England. Est 1657 Despite all its fancy hallmarks and names (Perugia was where Titian painted in Italy) it looks like you can buy one of these for about 10 bucks on eBay. Definitely crockery, not fine china. Whew, don't have to move it back from the edge of the shelf. :) Have a matching teapot and creamer, and they are definitely fun to use when I my church circle gathers for tea and talk. Probably made around 1900.

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