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8 Out Of 10 Cats does Countdown - Channel 4 Mash-Up - Part 1

Jimmy Carr hosts a very special edition of the classic British gameshow institution, Countdown, with special guest contestants Sean Lock and Jon Richardson.

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Matt Le Tissier to compete on Countdown

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier will become the fourth professional footballer to appear on TV quiz show Countdown. Le Tissier, 46, revealed on Twitter that he had passed his contestant audition for the Channel 4 programme, before adding that he 

My quest to become a Countdown champ

The degree scroll and the jars of red pesto have had to make way for a new, breathtakingly ugly addition to my front room: the famous Countdown teapot, which despite looking like the sort of gift you would give to a blind relative, is one of the most

Johnny Vegas 60 second teapot challenge

Comedian Johnny Vegas is known for his anarchic humour and quick wit but what's less known are his pottery making skills. To show off his artistic side, he set himself the challenge of making a teapot from a lump of clay in just 60 seconds, at the

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Teapot - Countdown
The Countdown teapot is a fully functional teapot designed for brewing the popular hot drink tea.

Countdown (game show) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Countdown is a British game show involving word and number puzzles. ... A Countdown teapot is awarded to any contestant who wins a game.

Countdown teapot

Countdown teapot
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Make a teapot cosy like the Countdown Teapot!

Make a teapot cosy like the Countdown Teapot!
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CO:REA 2012

CO:REA 2012
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336 pages

Alex Horne loves words. He loves them so much, in fact, that he's gone on a mental safari and invented some of his own ... all he needs to do now is get them into the dictionary. But, as Alex discovers, gaining entry into the official lexicon takes more than just a gentle word in the ear of the editor. Evidence is required - Alex needs what the dictionary authorities call a 'corpus' of examples, hard data showing that his new words are in widespread and long-term usage by people other than just him and his mum. So a corpus he resolves to create, no matter what obstacles he might meet on the way. This is the ridiculous story of one man's struggle to break into the dictionary. From covert word-dropping on Countdown to wilfully misinforming young schoolchildren, Alex tries it all in his...

Armchair Nation
Armchair Nation
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But what does your furniture point at?' asks the character Joey in the sitcom Friends on hearing an acquaintance has no TV. It's a good question: since its beginnings during WW2, television has assumed a central role in our houses and our lives, just as satellite dishes and aerials have become features of urban skylines. Television (or 'the idiot's lantern', depending on your feelings about it) has created controversy, brought coronations and World Cups into living rooms, allowed us access to 24hr news and media and provided a thousand conversation starters. As shows come and go in popularity, the history of television shows us how our society has changed. Armchair Nation reveals the fascinating, lyrical and sometimes surprising history of telly, from the first demonstration of...

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I'm a Little Teapot Tea
Ingredients:club soda, lemonade, lime juice, sugar, water

Teapot Cake
Ingredients:pound cake, food coloring, frosting, food coloring

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Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier to compete on Countdown
03/31/15, via BBC

Former England forward Matt Le Tissier has revealed that he will compete in TV quiz show Countdown. The Southampton legend ... failed at the first hurdle in 2009 and missed out on the teapot prize awarded to any contestant who wins a game.

Matt Le Tissier to compete on Countdown
03/31/15, via Yahoo Sport

Clark Carlisle claimed two victories in 2010, but ex-Norwich man Adrian Coote missed out on a famous Countdown teapot – awarded to any contestant who wins a game – in 2009. Le Tissier made 540 appearances for Southampton during a 17-year spell at the ...

Watch out Rachel Riley, ex footy star Matt Le Tissier will appear on Countdown
03/31/15, via Daily Star

Norwich City's Adrian Coote failed at the first hurdle in 2009 and missed out on the teapot prize awarded to a contestant who wins a game. Countdown is hosted by former Apprentice panellist Nick Hewer, who replaced Sky Sports presenter Jeff Sterling in 2012.

Countdown 1
Countdown 1

The marvellous prizes on Channel 4's Countdown. What about that teapot, eh?

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