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25 things you'll remember if you grew up in Cardiff in the nineties

Were you a child or teenager in Cardiff during the 90s? See how many of these things you remember: 1. Seeing a blockbuster meant hitting up one of Queen Street's three cinemas. The steps to Capitol's Odeon (now the Premiere) felt like a secret 

Elio Fiorucci, Whose Disco-Era Temple of Fashion Changed Retail, Dies at 80

The shop, which Mr. Fiorucci ebulliently characterized as “an amusement park of novelties,” sold fluorescent hair tints, rag rugs, teapots, gold Lurex cowboy boots and the disco-spangled glad rags in which patrons danced the night away. At its

Middle Class Problems: Upmarket family portraits could make us look like we ...

Kwame is an excellent photographer. We know this because we met Kwame at the Christmas fair that takes over our London "village" each year, where you can buy "vintage" teapots (culled from charity shops in Lewisham) and home-knit stocking-filler finger 

15 facts about me. Tagged by actionncatt 1. When I was a few weeks old, I contracted bacterial...

Source: The Dread Pirate Rodgers

Something like 60 other babies in the area also had it in some bizarre epidemic. But I spent a month in the hospital, where they told my parents that I would likely result in being deaf, blind, mentally impaired, or some combination of the three. I think only like four or five other babies besides myself survived at all, and I never had any of the conditions they told my parents i’d have. The front ten teeth on my upper jaw are veneers because somehow my real teeth grew in with this patchy discoloration that people theorized might have happened because of all the constant medicating from my hospital stay as an infant. Idk how true that really is. Probably just genetic misfortune. When I pierced my nose at 21, I expected my mom to be displeased. What I didn’t expect was the completely disproportionate freak out that ensued where she said I looked like trash and how I’d never get a good job (I had a job already) and that she was calling the dentist to tell them not to give me those... When my mom threatened me with this again, I told her I already contacted them and she fucking LOST it and told me now I’d REALLY ruined my chances at getting them. When I pointed out that she herself had planned on doing so, she said “you should have known I wasn’t serious. ” See, in getting this piercing, I had failed to account for her untreated bipolar disorder. In my fifth grade play I didn’t act, but was a singer, and I tried out for, like, a ten second solo and got it, and my classmates were very nice and complimentary. But some probably well meaning girl mentioned within earshot of the girl in my class that always did the big solos and was the known singer that I should sing her part, which understandably really hurt her feelings, and I think made her dislike me... At the time, I lived my life outside and swam all day and climbed trees and rode bikes, and I didn’t have a speck of the patience required for learning to read music. My mom also tried to stick me in singing lessons which I also hated because omfg who cares so I stopped doing both and tbh I’ve never been sorry. My intro to internet friendship resulted from a lord of the rings fan chat on the barrowdowns. I still speak to the guy I was the closest too, and have never forgotten to tell him happy birthday once in 13 years. I left my high school in southern California in the middle of my senior year to move to Washington state and live with my mom. One of my friends from my math class and I kept in touch for a few years following via the Internet, and I have no idea why or how this happened, but we never spoke to each other normally. Our every interaction involved us talking as though we lived in the Harry Potter universe. When I was 17, I once had a 35 year old man message me through MySpace to ask for pictures of my feet in exchange for an Amazon gift certificate. When I was 4 or something I knocked out my front two baby teeth against a door jamb because I thought it would be fun to literally run around the house blindfolded. I didn’t get regular access to the Internet until I was 15, and it was on a castoff computer from the BioMed department at the hospital where my dad worked. It had like 512 mb of RAM and operated on a 28. 8k modem. In order to deliberately interrupt my connection, my dad would turn on the cordless phone. It got to the point that the beeping sound of that button caused me to flinch when my Anatomy teacher three years later turned on the same model of cordless phone in class. For one of my birthdays, I wanna say like 12th or 13th, my stepdad got me a D&D starter kit thing because it was super obvious that I was a giant nerd. However, while the concept seemed appealing, the format was foreign and I didn’t really understand it so it didn’t take. I ultimately gravitated toward play-by-post role play instead because there was no complicated math involved. Now several of my friends are avid D&Ders and the most interest I can muster up involves just watching the shenanigans of their groups, which is plenty entertaining on its own. The concept still seems so cool to me, but I know involving myself would drop straight off to disinterest.

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1-24 of 2,737 results for Home & Kitchen: "christmas teapots" "christmas teapots" Cancel. Spode Christmas Tree Candy Cane Teapot. by Spode. $45.43 $95.00. Only 1 ...

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Find great deals on eBay for christmas teapots sadler christmas teapots. Shop with confidence.

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Our Christmas Shoppe includes a hand picked selection of teapot and tea gifts, Christmas teapots, cup and saucer sets, and a cookie jar. You will find these gifts ...

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Spode Christmas Tree Peppermint Teapot... would so like to have this ...

Spode Christmas Tree Peppermint Teapot... would so like to have this ...
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Click on photo for larger image if available
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Christmas Teapot

Christmas Teapot
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If Teapots Could Talk
If Teapots Could Talk
Published by Blue Sage Press 2007
ISBN 9780979061820,0979061822
100 pages

More than 60 recipes for making all the delectable treats you'll need for an afternoon tea party, including scrumptious scones, dainty tea sandwiches, savory appetizers, tea time sweets and the perfect pot of tea. Fifteen creative theme party ideas with suggestions for: invitations, games and activities, decorations, menu choices and party favors. Get out those teapots and create fond memories of lively conversation and laughter and fun.

Collectible Teapots
Collectible Teapots
Published by Antique Trader Books 1999
ISBN 1582210187,9781582210186
208 pages

Features nearly 2,000 price listings for collectible teapots, along with historical backgrounds, nation-by-nation explanations of style, pattern and composition, collector's guidelines, manufacturer's marks, and more.

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Cooking recipes

Grandmag's Baked Christmas Ham
Ingredients:brown sugar, honey, maraschino cherries, pineapple, smoked ham, toothpicks, cloves

Magical Sparkling Snowflakes: Christmas Butter Biscuits-Cookies
Ingredients:butter, eggs, sugar, milk, flour, icing, vanilla extract

Christmas Sauteed Bell Peppers
Ingredients:oregano, rosemary, red wine, parsley, garlic, green pepper, olive oil, red pepper, salt, yellow onions

Holly Christmas Cookies
Ingredients:corn flakes, food coloring, margarine, marshmallow, red cinnamon candies, vanilla extract

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Grace Dent reviews Céleste: precisely the type of ornately hewn dinner one expects
08/06/15, via London Evening Standard

‘Perhaps by Christmas,’ a waiter told us when we asked if such giddiness ... A small piece of sublimely cooked day boat cod arrived with a glass teapot of delicious shitake broth. A dainty serving of Angus rib topped with roasted bone marrow slinked ...

The 9 holiday home buys best left abroad
08/04/15, via

In the same way that cheap holiday wine doesn't taste quite as good on your dank ... But a set of dainty tisane glasses, a tinny "silver" Moroccan teapot and an engraved tray so flimsy it might as well be made of Bacofoil? Of course they seemed like ...

Downton Abbey Movie Coming Soon? Series Producer Says It’s Possible!
08/04/15, via The Bitbag

The sixth and final series of Downton Abbey was confirmed last March and is slated for a September release with eight episodes including a Christmas special episode as its final episode. The show has received numerous nominations and awards from its 5 ...

Christmas candles
Christmas candles

Christmas candle A shot of a few candles on a table at christmas time. Taken with a Canon 6D and a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro lens. Camera: Canon EOS 6D Focal Length: 100 mm Aperture: f/4 Exposure: 1/100 sec ISO: 400

Photo by Markus Grossalber


This was my grandmother's, and my dad remembers her using it when he was a kid. They gave it to me for Christmas this year; brought tears to my eyes.

Photo by Cowgirl Jules

Our new Teapot
Our new Teapot

Found at the St. Lawrence Antique Market. It's a Goebel, which apparently means that it's swanky, but we just thought it was perfect.

Photo by dpnsan