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How to Use a BeeHouse Teapot

How to infuse tea in a Bee House Japanese teapot.

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Southern Cross Stargazer for August

The Sagittarian Teapot closely follows Scorpius. Aim binoculars to a myriad of nebulae and clusters across the 20: By 6 a.m., ruddy Mars crosses the dim Beehive star cluster near the east-northeastern horizon. Great view with binoculars and cameras

The Sky This Month - August 2015

The famous eight stars that make up the imaginary Teapot should be visible as it sits a few degrees about the horizon. These distant suns comprise a larger asterism of Sagittarius the Archer. To thoroughly enjoy the majesty of the night, check out this

An army of 60000 bees built this giant honeycomb teapot

To create the teapot shape, Libertíny constructed a metal scaffold that served as the framework for beehive before letting nature take over. The Thousand Years project took two takes to complete: the first attempt was unsuccessful due to a variety of

Southern Cross Stargazer for August - Miami Herald


1: A bright past-full moon rises in the southeast in Aquarius by midevening. Brilliant Venus glows in the west. The Queen of the Night descends about 20 degrees upper left of the setting sun that illuminates a 7 percent sunlit crescent on her cloud covered surface. Ruddy Arcturus, Herdsman, twinkles in the west. The Big Dipper swings low in the northwest. Leo, Lion, stalks the west-northwestern horizon. Fading Jupiter lies near the star Regulus in Leo. Spica, in Virgo, follows Corvus, Crow onto the western horizon. Silver Saturn, encircled in icy rings, leads huge Scorpius across the south. The Sagittarian Teapot closely follows Scorpius. Aim binoculars to a myriad of nebulae and clusters across the south in the dense center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Capricornus, Sea Goat, plods across the southeast. Dim blue Neptune lies in Aquarius in the southeast. Blue-green Uranus rises in the southeast in Pisces, Fish. 6: Last Quarter Moon occurs at 10:03 p. m. By nightfall, Mercury appears on the west-northwestern horizon and snuggles with Jupiter and Regulus. Great view with binoculars. 12-13: Perseid Meteor Shower might begin late evening in a moonless sky until the predawn of the 13th. Radiating from the constellation Perseus, glittering debris from long-gone Comet Swift-Tuttle might total 50-80 Perseids per hour viewed from a... Fireballs, brighter than Venus, might occur. 16: At dusk, a young moon glows briefly 6 degrees from Mercury on the west-northwestern horizon. 22: First Quarter Moon occurs at 3:31 p. m. Tonight the moon leads Scorpius by the nose. Saturn lies 4 degrees lower right of the moon. 29: The Fruit Moon is full at 2:35 p. m. Tonight, the almost-Supermoon floats 3 degrees above Neptune. 30: Neptune lies opposite the sun. The outer planet rises in the southeast at sunset and sets in the west at dawn. Westbound Hercules leads bright Vega, in Lyra the Harp, overhead with the vast Summer Triangle. Deneb, the northern point star is the tail feather. Altair, in Aquila the Eagle, is the southern point star in the Triangle. Pegasus, Winged Horse, lifts above the eastern horizon. Late evening, the Royal Family arrives in the northeast. 2: At dawn, the Gemini Twins rise in the east-northeast. Dim Mars climbs 5 degrees below the Twins. The Seven Sisters (Pleiades) star cluster lead Taurus, Bull, higher in the east. Ruddy Aldebaran (Bull’s red eye) winks from the V-shaped Hyades cluster (Bull’s face). The Beehive star cluster, in Cancer the Crab, appears on the horizon below Mars. Orion, Hunter, peers over the eastern horizon. , the waning moon floats 1 degree below Uranus in the south. 8: Before 6 a. m. , the waning crescent moon floats between two star clusters in the east: the Pleiades above and the Hyades below the moon. Orion climbs higher in the east. 12: At dawn, the old crescent moon forms a triangle with Mars (lower left) and Procyon, Little Dog (lower right), near the eastern horizon. 13: The Perseid Meteors will be most intense before dawn. Some Perseids will be visible for a few nights. 14: Before dawn, brilliant Sirius sparkles low in the southeast. Sirius is one of our closest stars visible in the northern hemisphere. It is the blue eye in Orion’s Big Dog constellation and signals the Dog Days of summer. 20: By 6 a. m. , ruddy Mars crosses the dim Beehive star cluster near the east-northeastern horizon. Great view with binoculars and cameras. 24: About 6:30 a. m. , brilliant Venus, Morning Star, will be visible low in the east. 31: At dawn, Mars and Venus move to 9 degrees apart low in the east. Hercules leads Vega and the Summer Triangle into the northwest. The Royal Family reigns in the north: King Cepheus, Queen Cassiopeia, daughter Andromeda and Perseus, Hero.


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Beehive Teapots
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extra large beehive teapot 527460 extra large beehive teapot

extra large beehive teapot 527460 extra large beehive teapot
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conversation piece for sure.

conversation piece for sure.
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Beehive Teapots by Enchantedpics, via Flickr

Beehive Teapots by Enchantedpics, via Flickr
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I'm a Little Teapot
ISBN 035613203X,9780356132037
10 pages

Antique Trader Antiques And Collectibles Price Guide
Antique Trader Antiques And Collectibles Price Guide
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Cooking recipes

Beehive Cake
Ingredients:chocolate, food coloring, eggs, honey, vegetable oil, water

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Bristol Riverside Theatre to Stage BUS STOP, 9/29-10/18
08/26/15, via Broadway World

he has been featured in several productions at Temple Theatre and Tempest in a Teapot Company. Bus Stop brings together the creative team of BRT veterans set designer Nels Anderson, costume designer Linda Bee Stockton, lighting designer Deborah Constantine ...

Nonvintage sparklers provide consistent flavors
08/24/15, via

We ask Bee to suggest new wines and this visit was exceptional ... Big-buck buckaroos can throw in a Sagrantino or two to learn what all the fuss is about. I say, “Tempest in a teapot,” Lord North, or “Much ado about nothing,” Bard of Avon ...

DNA proves President Harding fathered child out of wedlock
08/13/15, via Bonner County Daily Bee

Historians rank Harding low among the presidents, and he is known mostly for the Teapot Dome scandal that took place during his administration. Family members who researched Harding's history said he was in a sexless marriage and had several mistresses.

Tea Hive
Tea Hive

Teapot of the month at the Twining Teapot Gallery, Norwich Castle Museum

Photo by mdavidford

Beehive Teapot
Beehive Teapot

Photo by technodad

Saturday Morning Tea
Saturday Morning Tea

Supplies to start Saturday off on the right foot. Sarah M. would be so proud of me.

Photo by bwc