Bamboo Teapot Handles

91. Throwing / Making a Bamboo Handle Teapot #1 with Hsin-Chuen Lin

I combine my former Youtube video #12,#13 and #14 together in a full process. Youtube used to allow me to upload only 10 min length content, so I had to cut.

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Gail Williams: Two dumplings in search of a disco duck

Sniffing the aromas that waft under your nose, wondering what's in the exotic bamboo baskets, looking at the slithery ribbons of rice flour rolls and hoping there's scallops inside. Lightly battered soft-shell crabs. Photo: Gail Williams Putting

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After a nomadic period that saw Lightning in a Bottle migrate from Irvine to Temecula, California for several years, the crown jewel of LA-based artist collective The Do LaB has found what seems a permanent home for their festival at Lake San Antonio

11 Things Daughters Of Strong Women Know

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Gail Williams: Two dumplings in search of a disco duck - Sydney Morning Herald


You don't normally associate dumplings and roast duck with twirling mirror balls and flashing disco lights. But the thought of a hearty yum cha followed by belting out a few karaoke numbers with my disco diva mate, Lynelle, was a Sunday treat that was way too tempting. And way too tragic, but more on my vocal shortcomings later. Two passions – yum cha and atrocious singing – almost came together in perfect garish harmony at Dragon Palace, a giant two-level ode to barbecued pork buns, Gloria Gaynor and feng shui. Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones number, however – as in 'I Can't Get No …. ' did become our dim sum theme song when the prospect of food appeared bleak at times. Scoring a table – in any spot, let alone one with handy access to a passing trolley – was almost as difficult as getting Lenny Kravitz to keep his leather pants under control. Dragon Palace, if nothing else, is hugely popular. That's because it's relatively cheap, offers brisk – even brusque – service, fresh, flavoursome and plentiful dishes, loads of seafood-based dumplings and a good winelist. Not surprisingly, when we rocked up without a booking at 12. 30pm we found a queue of anxious looking punters clutching numbered tickets, deli style. Our number, 84, was slightly soggy by the time it was called over the loud speaker but we were soon unceremoniously marched to a big round table in the back stalls of the restaurant. In yum cha real estate terms, our feng shui was all wrong. Table too big to talk to each other. But worst of all, we were seated on a higher level well away from the trolley action. As everyone knows half the thrill, the intrigue and the delight of yum cha is watching the trolley roll to a halt at your table. Sniffing the aromas that waft under your nose, wondering what's in the exotic bamboo baskets, looking at the slithery ribbons of rice flour rolls and hoping there's scallops inside. Salivating when the pork buns are offered. Over-ordering to buggery because you can't help yourself, it all looks so damn good. Putting your lid upside down on your teapot and having it replenished straight away. Waddling out of the place because you have eaten way too much. That's yum cha. Sitting in the 'economy' seats we only got a hint of that as staff occasionally remembered those in the stalls and delivered an offering or two. Not surprisingly we seized on anything offered. The first, three deep fried prawn and pork dumplings, were just the biz - golden brown, crisp in texture and hinting strongly of ginger. Non greasy, tender in the middle and packed some flavour punches. We dipped them in chilli oil, gobbled them down and looked around for more. The next offering was soft shell crab – a generous serve of lightly-battered crabs – again, non-greasy and crisp on the outside, but not as succulent on the inside to make up for the lengthy wait. When a waiter eventually stopped by our table to clear some plates we almost rugby tackled him, deciding it was easier to order from the a la carte menu. What we got, despite a communication problem with the fried rice/steamed rice order, was superb. The roast duck was everything - and more - you would expect from a Chinese restaurant – crispy skin, tender flesh, rich brown sauce glistening with promise. It was hard to handle with chopsticks – especially the bony bits – but it was a triumph. Pork buns were as soft as they were comforting, pulling apart effortlessy to reveal a whack of gravy-laden pork. Fleshy, just-cooked scallops came to the party in glutinous rice paper rolls and brought the proceedings to a finish alongside a tiny over-filled bowl of steamed rice which was hard to dole out. But when two dumplings go in search of a disco duck they've got to learn to be spontaneous. And, let's look on the bright side. 11-15 Worth a look. Dragon Palace,. Phone: (08)9228 2888. Cuisine: Cantonese. Dim sum: small $4. 50, medium $5. 20, large $5. 90, extra large $6. 20. Special dishes: $7. 90 to $21. 80. Desserts: $5. 20 to 8. 90. Features: walk ins, internet and phone bookings. 10:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – Late. 10:00am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – Late.

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Bamboo Handles For Teapots, ... wholesale 600ml high borosilicate glass teapot with bamboo handle handmade glassware PH367. 2000 Pieces (Min. Order) Material: Glass.

Bamboo Cane Handles - Axner Pottery and Ceramic Supplies
Bamboo Cane Handles Plain and with Top Knot for sale at

Teapot Handles-Beautiful And High Quality Handles For Your ...
Are your Teapot Handles looking a little worn? Why not replace them with Canetree Handles, available at Portland Pottery! Sure to refresh your teapot!

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bamboo teapot handles more information about bamboo handle teapot best ...
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... bamboo teapot handle standard ships in 1 2 weeks this english bamboo
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The Craft and Art of Clay
The Craft and Art of Clay
Published by Laurence King Publishing 2015
ISBN 1856693546,9781856693547
432 pages

Widely considered to be the most comprehensive introduction to ceramics available, this book contains numerous step-by-step illustrations of various ceramic techniques to guide the beginner as well as inspirational ceramic pieces from contemporary potters from around the world. For the more experienced ceramist, there is a wealth of technical detail on things like glaze formulas and temperature conversions which make the book an ideal reference. To quote one review: ...I am a studio potter and would not be without it. The fourth edition has been updated to include profiles of key ceramists who have influenced the field, new material on marketing ceramics including using the internet, more on the use of computers, added coverage of paperclays, using gold and alternative glazes.

Functional Pottery
Functional Pottery
Published by Krause Publications Craft 2000
ISBN 0873418174,9780873418171
255 pages

Covering historical as well as contemporary pottery, this book presents both philosophical and practical experiences from the 43-year-pottery-making-career of Robin Hopper, one of America's most recognized ceramic artists.

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New equipment and products
06/18/15, via The Publican's Morning Advertiser

Thompson added: “What we have designed and manufactured is a safe, disposable solution which can be used to handle hot pans, plates and to wipe down surfaces to eliminate any concerns around cross contamination.” Moy Park Foodservice has announced the ...

Concepts Life Teapot, Mugs and Serving Tray
12/06/14, via

Set includes teapot, four cups and tray. Black bamboo tray with sturdy yet elegant handles Porcelain teapot with lid and 4 porcelain cups Porcelain teapot and cups are chip and stain resistant Dimensions of tray: 13" long x 8" deep Teapot holds 25 ounces ...

11/03/09, via

With eight petal-shaped sides, each decorated with a pierced panel of bamboo leaves, the handle, the spout and the cover finial modelled as bamboo branches No VAT will be charged on the hammer price, but VAT at 15% will be added to the buyer's premium ...


Porcelain Chinese Teapot Small Chinese porcleain teapot, white background with pink and yellow flowers and green leaves. The handle is bamboo shaped. Lid is removable. No cracks or chips Asian Decor: Porcelain Teapot from China More info:

Photo by Silk Road Collection


Japanese Porcelain Teapot Small blue and white porcelain teapot with a dragon and wooden bamboo handle. This three toed dragon is shown flying among clouds as it chases a flaming pearl. More info:

Photo by Silk Road Collection

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