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Operation Cue - 1955 Operation Teapot, Nuclear Tests, Apple-2, Nevada Test Site 40960 HD

Operation Teapot was a series of fourteen nuclear test explosions conducted at the Nevada Test Site in the first half of 1955. The aims of the operation were to.

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Twin Cities on drone 'close calls' list

Two Twin Cities airports are included in a rash of drone “close calls” with aircraft, according to reports filed with the Federal Aviation Administration. The Washington Post, which obtained the reports, said more than a dozen incidents occurred on

The absurdity of tinkering with Texas history

As violent, cruel and bigoted as Texas history has often been, this tempest in a political teapot does nothing to change that. Leaders who try to airbrush our state's past will soon be forgotten. And unlike a Robert E. Lee, they deserve to be

Restaurant review: Fall down the culinary rabbit hole at Céleste at the ...

Blue lobster and crushed avocado, erected like standing stones around the plate, came with a glass teapot of gazpacho brimming with heirloom tomatoes and greenery. Ridiculous. Delicious. Hay-cooked chicken – one of only three meat courses on the menu 

The Hugo Awards: Endarkenment

Source: Filthie's Thunderbox

I've been following the tempest in the teapot for awhile now - the battle for the Hugo Awards in Science Fiction. I won't go over it. in a nutshell, the genre is pretty much locked up by leftist/liberal/progressive scum. We're talking about the elderly hippies, the young men with bigger boobs than the gals, the homosexuals, and the fat ugly shrews with their hair dyed in all the frooty colours of the rainbow. A few have turned out to be full blown pedos. I won't get into it, as you would expect the whole thing is childish as hell. but in a nutshell, SF has turned into a refuge for these troubled and unwholesome people. The books they write are basically long, boring, sanctimonious lectures on progressive social justice. Of course, anyone with a triple digit IQ can't read that dreck and the sales have gone into the toilet. I myself gave up on SF way back in the mid-90's. I was turned of by the genetically enhanced faggot in space, or stories featuring lesbian time travellers, or stories that portrayed the women as strong and independent and the men as weaklings. Shit like this wins Hugo awards and today it serves as a red flag for books that a scholarly gentleman is better off to avoid. A few men and women that resented the stranglehold the SJW's had on SF rose up and tried to do something about it. They wanted to see a few Hugo awards go to people that actually wrote good stories and did good work - and of course. I like Brad. Never met him but the guy is laid right back, wants everyone to have a say, wants everyone to get a fair shake, and will live and let live. He wants to expand the genre, bring in new readers and writers and make it more fun for the fans - and the queers, the social justice warriors, and the feminist fatties tarred and feathered him for his troubles. He now sits among he wreckage of his efforts and wonders what the hell happened and what he did to generate such utter hatred. Brad is a younger fella so he doesn't understand what happened to him. Most men his age won't. They were indoctrinated since birth that you can't judge people by their looks, that there is no relationship between homosexuality and other self destructive behaviours, that all viewpoints were respectable and should be respected, that everyone... And yet, anyone five or ten years older can look at this and see exactly how it happened and why. For in my days growing up in the 60s and 70s. we regarded homosexuals as unhealthy and sexually disturbed people. We avoided the man hating females and laughed at the ditzy feminists. In those days, we had good science fiction, the workplace was productive and healthy and a place you wanted to be, and the SJW types kept their noses out of the affairs of the adults. We discriminated against depravity, indolence, incompetence and other attributes that the SJW's have come to celebrate. I coulda told Brad this was gonna happen years ago. SF didn't get this bad because of a few rotten appes. that whole damned apple cart is rotten from the top down, and guys like Brad are the excpetion in SF - not the rule. Brad has written off the effort to reclaim the Hugos and I don't blame him. The important thing now is to get back in the game and distance the good from the bad. Reward the good authors: buy their books and recommend them to others. Pop by their blogs and pay them a compliment. I won't buy another book from Tor after one of their trained zippers started calling those that disagreed with her - fascists. I won't buy a book written by John Scalzi. Fine - but to me you are only a dancing monkey and if you don't entertain me, I won't put a coin in your cup. Stephen King spent the last novel I read shitting on gun owners. It's a free country - those guys can choose their actions and choose their words - but as a customer I have the final say on consequences. At the end of the day the SJW's are bullies - and I don't like bullies. Drop by Brad's blog, pay your respects, and pick up a copy of Chaplain's War if you get the chance. I am just finishing it and it is classic SF and a pile of fun. If you see a current non-SJW SF book or novel that is worth reading let me know. I am a voracious reader. and pickins have been slim for a long, long time.

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Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Even The Twilight Zone would have struggled with the cutesy conceit of The Brass Teapot ...

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Apple Teapot

Apple Teapot
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painting the colors on this apple teapot i had never painted on ...

painting the colors on this apple teapot i had never painted on ...
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Shot APPLE 2
Shot APPLE 2
102 pages

This report describes the activities of more than 2,000 DoD personnel, both military and civilian, in Shot APPLE 2, the thirteenth nuclear test in the TEAPOT atmospheric nuclear weapons testing series. The test was conducted on 5 May 1955 and involved participants from Exercise Desert Rock VI, AFSWP, AFSWC, AEC, Test Groups, and the Air Weather Service. The largest activity was the test of an armored task force, Task Force RAZOR, which involved approximately 1,000 troops.

500 Teapots
500 Teapots
Published by Lark Books 2015
ISBN 157990341X,9781579903411
416 pages

Showcases five hundred creative teapots, from wheel-thrown to handbuilt, crafted in a variety of styles and artistic traditions.

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Kieks27 completed the Traditional Teapot quest


Check out BICO GLAZED CERAMIC TEAPOT Footed w/Relief of Fresh Fruit and an Apple Finial #Bico via @eBay


Bee & Apple Blossom Teapot

Cooking recipes

Chemical Apple Pie (No Apple Apple Pie)
Ingredients:butter, crackers, cinnamon, cream of tartar, pastry, water, sugar

Easy Dutch Apple Pie
Ingredients:brown sugar, butter, cornstarch, flour, oats, sugar, apple, vanilla extract, water

Creamy Caramel Apple Dip
Ingredients:caramel, cream cheese

Apple Cinnamon Turnovers
Ingredients:applesauce, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple, sugar

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Mad Hatter’ unbirthday party lit up west-end
08/23/15, via The Galveston County Daily News

revelers each painted their own teapot to take home, while sipping Champagne, wine and other cool drinks, and dining on a lush selection of cool summer salads. is a new and most welcome addition to the Baby Apple foodies. Ian Farias and ...

Restaurant review: Fall down the culinary rabbit hole at Céleste at the Lanesborough hotel
08/18/15, via CITY A.M.

Blue lobster and crushed avocado, erected like standing stones around the plate, came with a glass teapot of gazpacho brimming with heirloom ... which was like the outside of a very delicate toffee apple. The guanaja chocolate is just as outlandish ...

Microsoft Forgot To Fix One Major Thing In Windows 10
08/11/15, via Gizmodo Australia

It’s bad enough to completely ruin an otherwise-excellent computer for me, drive my Apple-hating arse into an Apple Store ... it’s as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Coffee Pot [342/365]
Coffee Pot [342/365]

Photo by DaveOnFlickr

A Royal Tier
A Royal Tier

Now this is a royal wedding cake I like!! Thank you Red Prince Apple Growers for the kickin' promo pack that had scones, truffles, fresh apples (all mine, muhahaha!) and an alarm clock all accompanied by a clever verse and "Royal Wedding Invitation"!

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Boo 1
Boo 1

A scary variation on caramel apples, in a shop window on Robson Street, Vancouver.

Photo by sea turtle