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Fleetwood Cheese and Vegetable Shredder-Slicer 1HP

Fleetwood Cheese and Vegetable Shredder-Slicer 1HP - Meat Processing Products

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Manufacturer #: PA11S Slice, shred or grate your cheese to your liking with this Fleetwood FTW-PA11S cheese and vegetable shredder-slicer (and grater). Aptly designed for high-volume cheese and vegetable shredding and slicing, the powerful PA-11S offers a short-cut to finely shred and slice both soft and hard cheese type. Its also ideal for shredding carrots, cabbage and lettuce in high volumes. The powerful 1 HP motor drives its cutting discs (purchased separately) at 500 rpm, while the vertical feed chute allows for half cheese blocks to be processed fast. The unit comes fully equipped with heavy stainless steel pusher that offers stability during heavy or pro-longed use. The motor housing and feed chute are made of stainless steel while the top housing boasts of anodized aluminum construction. All Oversized 11" Blade options are (purchased separately): (11S-Z blades)shredding 1/8", 3/16", 5/16", (11S-E blades) slicing 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and grater (11S-V). The Fleetwood cheese and vegetable shredder-slicer and grater makes a must-have kitchen tool, especially in hotels and restaurants that require quick kitchen operation. Features Vertical feed chute Fast, easy and safe disc changing. Heavy stainless steel pusher for stability during heavy use Motor housing and feed chute stainless steel top housing anodized aluminum Specifications Voltage: 110V Power Rating: 1 HP Height: 30 1/2" Width: 15" Depth: 17" Net Weight: 54 lb Gross Weight: 72 lb Production: 550 lb/h Disc Diameter: 11" Chute Size: 3" x 4"

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