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Review: Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

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On the down side, larger produce was trickier to maneuver with this one. Good julienne peelers can work, too. Zyliss makes one that retails for under $10. These work particularly well on oddly shaped produce and carrots. Zyliss also makes a handheld 2

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That's for two reasons. First, it's amazingly useful: It removes just the zest, not the bitter white pith, so you can add lots of lovely citrusy zest to your sauces, custards and desserts without endangering your knuckles on the old box graters

Go go gadget love: Local chefs share favorite tools

For about the same price you could have Rose O'Dell King's favorite gadget, the Zyliss Egg Slicer. She uses the tool to . Black uses the fiery tool to caramelize sugar atop his crème brulees, and to lightly toast small bites like his goat cheese and

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Perhaps you're going gluten-free or cutting carbs. Maybe your latest recipes are all about clean eating or paleo, raw foods and vegan fare. Perhaps you're just hungry. No matter, vegetable noodles are for you. Vegetable noodles are not pasta, they're vegetables that replicate the look and texture of traditional pasta. Zucchini has paved the way in this reshaped vegetable world. Yet beets, carrots, even apples, squash, sweet potato, jicama and turnips and broccoli stems can all become noodles. Vegetable tagliatelle, linguine, fettuccine and spaghetti take shape in mere minutes. While chefs with knife skills have always been able to turn the lowliest vegetables into lovable dishes, everyday home cooks can find it a bit tricky. Enter the spiralizer. This new kitchen gadget creates oodles of noodles, no knife skills (or electricity) necessary. Spiralizers come in varying styles, but all are portable and easy to use. Spiralizing is the basis for California-based culinary instructor Leslie Bilderback's newly released 12th cookbook, "The Spiralized Kitchen" (St. Martin's Press, $18. 99). "Even though the spiralizer machine is fairly recent, it is actually an old... "There are other tools chefs have been using for years to do this kind of vegetable cooking. "We use a mandoline or a veggie peeler to create veggie spaghetti. We make noodles out of zucchini. I shave long ribbons of the vegetable to create like a tagliatelle. Spiralizers of all styles are increasingly available at retailers, from Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel to Target. Paderno's popular tri-blade tabletop spiralizer was embraced by chefs and raw food enthusiasts several years ago, but Christian Jarry, president of World Cuisine, said growing interest from home cooks prompted creation of a four-blade option. Priced at $49. 95, this model is more compact and durable and includes a handle to accommodate left-handed and right-handed users. "The good thing about this is that we're seeing Americans eat more vegetables," Jarry said. Tabletop spiralizers, like Paderno's, require a bit of coordination and reading of the directions, but putting them together looks harder than it really is. "If you're super into it, the tabletop ones are best for most stuff, almost everything... In addition to the popular tabletop spiralizers, there is a handheld style that looks like a pencil sharpener. Another option is the Veggetti, found at Target for $14. 99. It has two styles of blades for thick and thin strands. All it requires is a little twist of the wrist (and caution with your fingers, as the blades are indeed very sharp). Good julienne peelers can work, too. Zyliss makes one that retails for under $10. These work particularly well on oddly shaped produce and carrots. Zyliss also makes a handheld 2-in-1 slicer that retails for $19. 99. Similar to a mandoline, it is compact and makes nice julienne cuts, and it is small enough to store in a drawer. Whatever method you choose, squashes and sweet potatoes, celery root and fennel, beets, potatoes and zucchini can all become beautiful noodles for spaghetti, salads, even stir-fry and soups. They'll even substitute for rice in risottos and other dishes, a great way to increase your vegetable intake. "Yellow crookneck is shreddable," Bilderback said. "It won't be beautiful like zucchini because of all the seeds, but it works. But keep in mind that cooking changes a bit when vegetables are made into noodles. "Anything that cooks fast normally will cook even faster when it is as thin as spaghetti," Bilderback said. "When you're cooking zucchini noodles, heat up the sauce in the pan, then throw the zucchini in the pan and give it a couple of tosses, done. The more you cook it, the soggier it will get. Blogger Ali Maffucci has so embraced the vegetable noodle wave that in 2013 she quit her job, bought the domain name inspiralized. Moving away from traditional pastas she'd learned growing up as an Italian-American, Maffucci learned about vegetable noodles from her mother, who has diabetes. Following a nutritionist's advice, her mother was trying a raw vegan diet to help manage blood sugar levels. "One night my mom made a raw vegan noodle dish. I was so blown away by how much it tasted like pasta," said Maffucci.

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Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater
Image by www.zyliss.com

Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater

Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater
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Grate like never before with the Zyliss Classic Fine Cheese Grater.

Grate like never before with the Zyliss Classic Fine Cheese Grater.
Image by www.house.com.au

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Go go gadget love: Local chefs share favorite tools
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Every seasoned cook has that one favorite gadget, the tool they love like a member of the family. We surveyed Southwest Florida chefs asking for their go-to gadgets. Their answers varied hugely, from simple citrus juicers to fancy sous-vide machines.

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(That’s a whole other post.) 2. Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater I know: “What’s with all the grating, Lesley?” For whatever reason I find myself grating things a lot. I am a huge fan of these Zyliss rotary graters for grating fresh cheese -- usually ...

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