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True Detective episode 6 recap: No church in the wild

Sapochnik's fingerprints were all over the episode's best scenes: the breakfast-table standoff between Ray and Frank, which crackles with the tension missing from their many barroom encounters; Ani practicing her stabbing routine on a dummy, which

The True Detective Chitty-Chat Club: Brought to You by Molly™ Breath Freshener

If someone is sitting across from you in the kitchen, with one hand on the table and another under the table? There's an 80 percent chance 2) Ray then goes to visit the real rapist in prison, and threatens him with a cheese grater. The rapist is

Restaurant Inspections

Cheese sauce was discarded. Observed some food preparation on equipment being stored not thoroughly clean. Items pulled from service to be properly cleaned. Noncritical Violations Found: 1. Hy-vee Deli Kitchen/classroom, 1720 W. Battlefield Rd

True Detective episode 6 recap: No church in the wild - The Week Magazine

Source: theweek.com

This week's "Church in Ruins" is the first episode of True Detective 's second season that managed to recapture some of season one's magic: propulsive storytelling, beautiful direction, and dialogue that managed to be enjoyably pulpy instead of... It's probably too late to save this misbegotten season, but for anyone who's still watching, it's a relief to see that True Detective still has something left in the tank. After they sit down to coffee and work out their differences, Ray Velcoro tells Frank Semyon that his slimy subordinate Blake is running a complex prostitution ring, enlisting young, cash-strapped girls, sending them to Dr. Pitlor for extensive... Blake's little side project happens to dovetail with Ani's latest mission: going undercover at an orgy to check out some leads on the Caspere murder. Given the enormous cost and effort required to groom women for his orgies, why does Blake happily accept Ani as a "freelancer" at his big party. True Detective doesn't give us a satisfying answer, but the mistake certainly costs him. Detractors of True Detective 's second season tend to argue that the lion's share of the credit for season one belongs to Cary Fukunaga, who directed every episode, and not Nic Pizzolatto, who created the series and wrote both seasons. While I generally think Pizzolatto's work on True Detective been unfairly undersold, "Church in Ruins" is a textbook example of how a talented director — in this case, Miguel Sapochnik — can overcome dodgy material. Sapochnik's fingerprints were all over the episode's best scenes: the breakfast-table standoff between Ray and Frank, which crackles with the tension missing from their many barroom encounters. Ani practicing her stabbing routine on a dummy, which could easily have been goofy but instead feels appropriately menacing. "Church in Ruins" even manages to correct one of the season's earlier missteps: Stan, the henchman who was murdered as an apparent warning to Frank in True Detective 's third episode. When Stan was killed, Frank cared — but we didn't, because True Detective never bothered to introduce him or give him anything interesting to do. Stan's death was baffling because we knew absolutely nothing about him, and it only grew more grating... on paper, you could probably make a minor character like Stan feel like he matters: through exposition, or interior monologue, or even by his mere presence in a bunch of scenes. But the loss of the minor henchman never translated to the screen, and Frank and Jordan's trip to visit Stan's grieving wife and son in "Church in Ruins" could easily have felt like another pointless detour in an already overstuffed season. Instead, it's Vince Vaughn's best scene this season: a hopeful monologue, delivered to a sad little boy, which actually allows Vaughn's natural charisma to shine. True Detective 's second season has been obsessed with the idea of bad fathers. one of them is one, and one of them is probably on track to be one. That makes the episode's rare note of warmth, from a wannabe father like Frank Semyon, stand out. There's a 'before' and 'after,'" says Frank to the kid. "But if you use it right — the bad thing — you use it right and it makes you better. " It's the closest True Detective has come to a moral core all season, and it's strong enough to make you wish it had been placed earlier (even if Frank was probably responsible for the kid's dad's death). "Church in Ruins" also makes the welcome decision to move the story forward by getting all three of our True Detectives together for Ani's tense, off-the-books infiltration of the orgy party. Ray and Paul work the perimeter, but this is Ani's show. Stripped of everything but a transmitter and an evening gown, she hunts for leads as the orgy begins to heat up. Unfortunately, a dose of a hallucinogen — purportedly molly, but probably something worse — brings her dark past into her dark present. Miguel Sapochnik's finest directorial touch in "Church.

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Vintage Table Mount Rotary Drum Cheese Grater

Vintage Table Mount Rotary Drum Cheese Grater
Image by etsy.com

Cheese Grater Alessi - todo cheese grater

Cheese Grater Alessi - todo cheese grater
Image by galleryhip.com

Vintage German Table Top Cheese Grater Kitchen Items Red Chrome Mid ...

Vintage German Table Top Cheese Grater Kitchen Items Red Chrome Mid ...
Image by etsy.com

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The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends
The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends
Published by Clarkson Potter 2011
ISBN 9780307953322,0307953327
352 pages

In this enticing follow-up to their first book, Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Sally Swift, host and producer of The Splendid Table public radio show, celebrate Saturday and Sunday—those two days of the week when the pressure is off, time becomes your ally, and you get to slow down and dig into cooking in a different way. In The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends, Lynne and Sally take you on escapades for a deeply pleasurable experience. They want you to head to different neighborhoods and markets, gather up ingredients, and embrace new cooking techniques and flavors that will carry over into your everyday meals. They include backstories about the rituals and reasons behind particular dishes (such as why lettuce figures into southern Chinese New Year celebrations) and take you deep into...

Southern Italian Farmer's Table
Southern Italian Farmer's Table
Published by Rowman & Littlefield 2012
ISBN 9780762785926,0762785926
336 pages

The Southern Italian Farmer’s Table is a sumptuously illustrated cookbook featuring authentic recipes from over thirty agriturismi (working family farms that provide room & board to travelers) in central and southern Italy, where the cuisine served epitomizes the farm-fresh movement underway in the United States, the UK, and beyond.

Cooking recipes

Chili & Cheese Ramen Wonder
Ingredients:cheese, beans, tomato, ramen noodles

Traditional English Cheddar Cauliflower Cheese - Gratin
Ingredients:butter, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, mustard, breadcrumbs, milk, nutmeg, flour, salt

Delicious Blue Cheese Broccoli Casserole
Ingredients:blue cheese, butter, butter, cream cheese, flour, broccoli, milk, cracker crumbs

Hilda Armours Macaroni And Cheese Recipe
Ingredients:cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni, eggs, evaporated milk, butter, salt, white pepper

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True Detective’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6, ‘Church in Ruins’
07/26/15, via The Wall Street Journal

Good for her that she grabbed a knife off the carving table earlier, allowing her to slice up this ... Something tells me that Ray is going to follow through on that “cheese grater” threat he delivered to his wife’s actual rapist, who is locked ...

Food Graters Suppliers
07/14/15, via ThomasNet.com

Distributor of food graters including stainless steel food graters, heavy duty stainless steel food graters & white portable table side food graters ... Distributor providing food service products including cheese graters. Other products include mixers ...

An easy method for grating cheese
06/18/15, via Times Union

The extra step of grating cheese yourself instead of buying it pregrated from the store is worth it for the freshness and flavor. But it can be messy, the shreds flying all over the counter. Our solution? Place the grater halfway in a large zip-top bag ...

grated light
grated light

remote flash balanced directly on top of cheese grater (it fitted into the hole in the top perfectly!), set to full power on manual. on camera flashed at 1/128. ISO 100, 1/60th sec f/8, 50mm

Photo by strangejourney

Beet-Lemon Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Beet-Lemon Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Yes, you read that right. Beets. This recipe drew inspiration from a number of sources. A few weeks ago, an episode of Good Eats aired where Alton (obviously thematically inspired by Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) talked about beet juice being used to provide the red color to red velvet cake. I thought that beets might make a good stand-in for carrots in carrot cake, and maybe I’d end up with red or pink cakes that would thrill my pink-obsessed daughter. A little searching turned up a number of similar takes (like this one at YumSugar), but they all had one thing in common: baking caused the color to fade, which would have defeated the purpose. So, I grabbed my copy of McGee’s On Food and Cooking, and found that the pigments in beets (betalains) are affected not only by temperature but by pH. Acid pH was associated with the red color I was going for, so I started with my absolute favorite carrot cake recipe (originally from the folks at Cooks Illustrated),...

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Big Cheese
Big Cheese

Photo by arbyreed