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Professional Grater Foot File.

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SpaceX says 2-foot strut snapped, brought down rocket

FILE - In this June 28, 2015, file photo, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft breaks apart shortly after liftoff from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Fla. SpaceX suspects the steel strut snapped inside its rocket

Scott Jurek's Champagne Problems | Outside Online

In Jurek's case, his camera team did file for film permits in Baxter State Park but were still issued a separate citation for filming within 500 feet of the summit of Mount Katahdin, a theoretically more sensitive area they were not supposed to enter

Photo of black official helping man at KKK rally goes viral

FILE - In this July 18, 2015 photo provided by Rob Godfrey, police officer Leroy Smith, left, helps a man wearing National Socialist Movement attire up the stairs during a rally in Columbia, S.C. Smith, the director of South Carolina's public safety

State troopers leaving force over low wages, prompting new study at ...

Source: Fox 59

INDIANAPOLIS (July 21, 2015) – At any given moment, Indiana State Police troopers are on the clock. “I just felt that I was making a difference,” Michael Augst said. Augst was one of the troopers charged with enforcing state laws, investigating crimes and protecting Hoosiers. “I don’t do this job…nobody does this job to get rich,” he said. “When you’re getting 20 grand less, 15 grand less than people you’re working with hand-in-hand…”. Augst, an Army veteran, is going back to school and looking for work with other higher-paying departments. “To this day I would do anything for those guys,” he said. “I’m sure they would still do anything for me. ”. For the first time this summer, lawmakers will seriously study how the state pays its law enforcement. There are concerns about what happens when years of experience walk out the door for higher paying jobs across town. “It puts Indiana State Police at a distinct disadvantage,” Capt. Dave Bursten said, with the Indiana State Police. This month, troopers saw their first raise in nearly eight years, a two percent raise state lawmakers approved as part of the new state budget. “I think it was important that we show the immediate attention that we did,” State Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) said, chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. A first-year trooper starts at just more than $38,000 a year. It will take 20 years of service for the trooper to reach the pay cap of $60,000. Bursten said there are still troopers on the force receiving less take-home pay than they did seven years ago. “We recently had an officer that resigned from State Police,” Bursten said. “He is going to work for another greater Indianapolis-area police department, and he’s going to see a $20,000 pay increase immediately. FOX 59 talked with a half-dozen troopers who’ve recently quit for higher paying jobs. They all said more troopers are considering the same. “You’re not going to get our best foot forward, and not only is that not good for the public, it’s also bad for us,” Augst said. Locally, the Indiana State Police Alliance found an IMPD officer will make $297,480 more after 21 years of service. Across the Midwest, state troopers in Illinois make $670,276 more during the same time-frame, according to the analysis by the Indiana State Police Alliance. “We really need to have a better analysis about what the whole package is before we do more,” Kenley said, who is warning to proceed cautiously, concerned salaries are just one component. “I don’t think we have a wholesale problem here,” he said. So that doesn’t bother me. ”. Kenley said whatever the outcome of the summer study committee, he doesn’t anticipate any monetary changes to be debated until the next state budget.

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Micro Grater Foot File | Rubber Handgrip Pedicure Rasp - Black

Micro Grater Foot File | Rubber Handgrip Pedicure Rasp - Black
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So I didn't plan well and had to kind of rush out of there. This is ...

So I didn't plan well and had to kind of rush out of there. This is ...
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Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
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No Holds Barred Fighting
No Holds Barred Fighting
Published by Tracks Publishing 2015
ISBN 9781884654312,1884654312
192 pages

One of the most feared and useful weapons in mixed martial arts (MMA) competition is dissected and discussed in this fully-illustrated guide to both perfecting and defending against the low kick. Many competitors view this technique as a single tool in their arsenal, limiting themselves when they could be taking this low-line method of attack and modifying it to fit far more kicking situations than those commonly used. This volume demonstrates how to expand the low-kicking arsenal, showing how a simple alteration in leg targeting can strongly challenge an opponent's defence, and how to hone low-line kicking power and speed so that rapid-fire low-line kicking becomes a powerful advantage. These techniques are prime for MMA competitors and anyone who wants to improve both their...

The Cyclopædia
The Cyclopædia

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RT @Wtfnancyison: Is she using a cheese grater on her foot lmfaoooaooooooiu


RT @tara_pellegrino: @justinscott99 laughing because they're using a cheese grater on her foot


@justinscott99 laughing because they're using a cheese grater on her foot

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Coffee Foot Soak
Ingredients:coffee, water

Foot Soak
Ingredients:epsom salts, lavender, peppermint extract, tea

Potato Omelette Recipe
Ingredients:eggs, olive oil, salt, potato

Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry, and Champagne Granita with Sugared Strawberries
Ingredients:champagne, lemon zest, mascarpone cheese, grapefruit juice, strawberries, sugar, water

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British Land reports good first quarter with 90% let at 'Cheesegrater' Leadenhall Building
07/20/15, via International Business Times

British Land also announced it is working on refurbishments at its 72,000 square foot office space in 338 Euston Road, which is sub-let to Facebook. British Land is the owner of the iconic Leadenhall Building, better known as the Cheesegrater. The ...

Tucson kid chef gets White House invite for ‘Oodles of Zoodles’
07/15/15, via Casa Grande Valley Newspaper

The giggly 10-year-old said her emotions included nerves, excitement and shock on setting foot in the White House for the first ... For the “zoodles”: Use a grater, peeler, mandolin slicer, or spiralizer to turn the zucchini into zoodles.

Skipping in her sister's footsteps: Girl's recipe earns White House invite
07/11/15, via Ktar

The giggly 10-year-old said her emotions included nerves, excitement and shock on setting foot in the White House for the first ... For the "zoodles": Use a grater, peeler, mandolin slicer, or spiralizer to turn the zucchini into zoodles.

Charge Scissor 4
Charge Scissor 4

Owen's Charge Scissor The Foot Down UK Fixed Gear Hi-res available on request

Photo by The Foot Down

Demolition from the ground up!
Demolition from the ground up!

The demolition of 122 Leadenhall Street is unusually being performed from the bottom up. However, there doesn't seem to have been much progress made in the last 8 months! It is being demolished to make way for an amazing new building nicknamed "the cheese grater" It will be built for an estimated £286m and be 225 metres (737 feet) tall. When completed, it will be the second tallest building in the City of London. The distinctive taper shape will reduce its profile from protected view points of St Paul's Cathedral. More details on the new building can be found here: Skyscraper news | Wikipedia | British Land | NLA An image of the future London Skyline in 2012 can be found here pic. The cheese grater can be seen just right of centre. This photo featured on Londonist on 3 July 08.

Photo by Richard Parmiter

cheese/foot grater
cheese/foot grater

Photo by mrshawnliu