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Grater tips: 4 extra uses for your kitchen grater | Speed up in the kitchen! Herbalife Advice

Do you think your grater is just for cheese. I'm Susan Bowerman, registered dietitian, and I'm going to show you different uses for your grater.

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It is for a make-ahead pimiento cheese soufflé. It sounds crazy, but it was a no-fail soufflé that you made the day before because it had to chill for 24 hours. I'm hoping one of your readers has this one and will share. Lucy Marie Houghton. Send

Tried and tested: the best graters

I especially like Cuisipro's Parmesan rasp, whose star-shaped cut-outs crumble the cheese into snowflakes (£11.99 from The Original Cookware Company). Rösle make some very sturdy, large graters out of tough stainless steel with a broad, curved plane 

This Funnel Parm Grater Lets You Cut the Cheese Any Which Way

This parmesan grater is delicious. It has a single, perforated blade that lets you grate your cheese in any direction. Best of all, there's funnel on the end of this $25 grater with a removable cover so you can direct just the right amount of cheese

Box Grater > Food Processor

Source: The Frugal Girl

Putting cheese in a food processor is practically evil. My solution is to buy grated cheese – sales and/or coupons make this about the same price as block cheese at my stores. Question for those who shred veggies in an FP: When I try to shred hard veggies (carrots, potatoes) in my Breville, I get long chunks of veggie stuck on top of the shredder disk. Set a timer, I have to set a timer for practically everything or else I forget. I buy the 2lb blocks of cheesr at Costco and shred it with my food processor and place it in ziplock bags (1 cup per bag). Still buy the cheese, just haven’t shredded it like that in awhile, I agree it is messy, but can be worth it (with the freezer idea). I buy the pre shredded cheese (even though my friends tell me it has small amounts of cardboard. ), I also use my food processor for salsa, smashing graham crackers for recipes, my homemade spiced tea (Tang, tea, sugar, cinnamon and cloves), etc. I don’t even own a box grater, too many memories of bloody knuckles as a kid……. I don’t have a food processer, but use my blender for many of the same tasks. that might be a little more difficult, I put some water in with them, then shred, dice – whatever – and then drain. Works for me. Oh and the box grater works fine for cheese whenever I don’t have the pre-shredded kind. I bought my grater at Ikea, its round-ish and came with a trap on the bottom and a micro plane on top. I never use those two pieces but it has served me well. Some stuff is okay to get cheap but really, one of my greatest investments, was a can opener from Amazon that was $20. It really just makes opening cans easier and I would say less dangerous. Yes, I heart my food processor as well, lol. I’m with you – I go for the grater rather than the food processor for cheese grating every time because of the ease of clean-up. We have a hard and fast rule in our house though that you must rinse the grater IMMEDIATELY after grating cheese – otherwise, the cheese hardens on the grater and it takes some serious scrubbing to clean. A food processor is so much work to set up and to clean that it infuriates me. I’d rather just use a grater, or even a knife. I feel the same way about the mandoline, but even more so, because the odds of somebody slicing themselves while using or washing the mandoline are pretty damn close to 100%. What I don’t understand is, why are food processors so horribly designed. Couldn’t they make a food processor bowl that didn’t have corners, so it was easy to wipe out. Get rid of the complicated latch system and just give them a lid like a blender. Why don’t stoves just have a slow-cooker setting. Why doesn’t my oven go down to 200 degrees and work as a dehydrator. Why isn’t there just a “household motor” with a transmission and attachments so I don’t need to mess with a mixer, blender, food processor, etc. Well, Sadie, I’m with you on that, except that my oven does double as a food dehydrator — it goes down to 100 deg. and came with a dehydrator rack that is a mesh rack. I requested and received a Cuisinart processor/blender that use the same motor base, so that much has been invented at least. I find I use the blender much more than the processor. Processors are so time consuming to clean, and my husband broke the latch on the lid, so I have to hold it down while I’m using it. And yes, for small amounts, no way am I using anything but my box grater. I hv the IKEA Oval shredder & LoVe it. I don’t own a food Processor. The Gal above that has memories of Bloody Knuckles…. My Sister & her coworkers also women like to play Tricks on New Workers. So they were all going to hv a Potluck party & they asked the New Gal to bring Avacado. So she called my Sister ( of course it would be my sister lol ) she asked my sister what to I do w- the Big hard thing in the Middle. My sister told her “Oh U Grate it, but put it in a separate container”. Anyways they had their potluck & new gal had a scratched up knuckle & was very proud of her Grated Pit. The new gal was from Rhode Island & she said they don’t have Avacados there or at least not back in the 90’s. Sorry for the Ramble but I thought it was Funny. & thinking of how many times I scraped a knuckle or two. It depends upon the TYPE of cheese. Twice a year, at the Italian import store, we buy a wheel with Uncle Sal, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, splitting it. It’s a hard cheese, typically Parmesan or Romano, which is VERY.

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