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Mac Sabbath "Frying Pan"

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Miss Sophie: Cornbread options for fall

About the only thing all cooks can agree upon is that it should be cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron frying pan. I grew up on cornbread cooked on top of the stove, not in the oven. We referred to it as lacy edge cornbread, some call it a hoecake

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We love the gently grilled octopus with pickled onions, capers and Greek olive oil; the perfectly crunchy pan-fried eggplant with delicious smoky yogurt and crushed pistachios; and the aromatic braised pork with cumin and coriander. For a quick-and

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With a ladle pour 3 to 4 ounces of batter into the center of pan, quickly rotating the pan to cover the pan's surface. Add more batter to fill any holes. Cook until the edges are firm, Heat ¼ cup oil in a large frying pan. Add onions and 1 teaspoon

Miss Sophie: Cornbread options for fall - Savannah Morning News

Source: savannahnow.com

Since I was brave enough to write about biscuits last time, I thought I would really put myself out there and write about the South’s second most popular bread, cornbread. There are more cornbread recipes out there than you can shake your Southern rolling pin at, and everybody’s grandma had the best recipe. Use yellow cornmeal or white cornmeal. Add sugar or no sugar. Damon Fowler, our resident Southern food historian, in his cookbook “Essentials of Southern Cooking” writes this about traditional Southern cornbread, “What set it apart and made it ‘Southern’ was the fact it never contained flour or sugar. About the only thing all cooks can agree upon is that it should be cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron frying pan. I grew up on cornbread cooked on top of the stove, not in the oven. We referred to it as lacy edge cornbread, some call it a hoecake. Mama’s cornbread was paper thin with a crunchy edge and about the size of a small pancake. She fried it in very hot oil in a non-stick frying pan (not cast iron) and we gobbled it up as fast as she could fry it. Of course she never had a recipe so when I asked her how to make it and she said “just mix a little flour in your cornmeal and... Then, one day I discovered that her “cornmeal” was actually a self-rising cornbread mix — not self-rising cornmeal. It still took me a while to get the portions right, but I finally put it in recipe form for future generations. Many would call Mama’s cornbread a hoecake. Hoecakes also have a myriad of different ways to make them. Some hoecakes are light and puffy while others are thin and crunchy. One of my staff members, Linda, said her grandmother’s hoecakes were more like thin biscuits. I knew what she was talking about, but I had always known it as flour bread. I spent a couple of summers on a farm in rural North Carolina with some distant family members. “Grandma” cooked a really big lunch every day and she always had what she called flour bread with the meal. I lost touch with Grandma because of “an unfortunate parting of the ways” in that branch of the family. Death has a way of mending family partings, and that’s what brought us together again some 35 years later. After we caught up, I finally got to ask her how she made flour bread. She replied “Oh honey, just make your dough like you were making biscuits and fry it in a frying pan. The bread of my childhood memories was a fried biscuit. History tells us Depression-era cooks didn’t have the luxury of purchasing flour and cornmeal. So they improvised and used flour to make their hoecakes. This stove-top bread had many names: biscuit bread, skillet bread, hoecake or in my case, flour bread. So, I’m not going to step out on a limb and tell you how to make the perfect cornbread. I am going to share with you some recipes from the ways my family and friends made cornbread. If you don’t have your grandmother’s recipe, maybe you can adopt one of these as your own. Just please, share the recipe with your family. Don’t make them dream of the long lost taste of grandma’s cornbread. Mama’s Lacy Edge Cornbread. 1 cup of self- rising cornbread mix (not Jiffy). ½ cup self-rising flour. Vegetable oil for frying. In a medium size bowl, stir flour and cornmeal mix together. The batter should be very thin so that the edges will be crispy. Using a medium non-stick pan, add enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Heat oil over medium high heat almost to the smoking point. Using a large serving spoon, spoon batter into the pan. Cook for approximately 1 minute then turn and cook for 1 minute more. Repeat until all batter is used, add more oil as needed. North Carolina Flour Bread. 2 cups self-rising flour. Vegetable oil or bacon grease for frying. In a large mixing bowl, work lard into flour with your hands or a pastry cutter. Flour your hands and a flat surface well. Turn dough out on the floured surface and press and shape dough into a disk the size of your pan. Don’t make try to make it a smooth disk, handle it as little as possible, adding more flour to your hands as needed. In a well-seasoned 10 or 12 inch iron skillet or a non-stick frying pan, heat approximately 2 tablespoons of lard or shortening on medium high heat.

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King Kooker KK14 Aluminum Frying Pan

King Kooker KK14 Aluminum Frying Pan

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $44.99

King Kooker heavy duty aluminum fry pan with frying basket & lid. Durable and makes for an easy clean up when you're done. Great for outdoor cooking on any King Kooker outdoor cooker.

King Kooker Tall Fish Fryer Iron

King Kooker Tall Fish Fryer Iron

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $92.99

The King Kooker Fry Pan Cast Iron is a heavy duty 20" Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker made from cast iron material. It is also CSA Design Certified. Great for many outdoor cooking needs.54,000 BTU Cast BurnerRecessed Top Ring and Large Bottom Ring for Extra Safety and StabilityFlame Protective WindguardListed LP Hose and Regulator with Type 1 ConnectionCast Iron pot with Punched Aluminum lid and punched aluminum basket with Heat Resistant HandleDeep Fry ThermometerFour Color Labeled BoxComes with instruction/Recipe Booklet.


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Diamond Plus Frying Pan with Lid

Diamond Plus Frying Pan with Lid
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28cm Stamped Nonstick Aluminum Flat Frying Pan With Glass Lid
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Hoover Fry Pan with Broiler Lid
65 pages

Out of the House: Into the Frying Pan
Out of the House: Into the Frying Pan
Published by Dundurn 1996
ISBN 9781459726666,1459726669
256 pages

Living on your own includes cooking. So, you didn’t give much thought to the fact that cooking would be one of those daily chores you would have to do once you moved out on your own. Relax! This book has been written just for you. A few simple instructions, some helpful hints and you can eat. So you can retain your "child in good standing" status, I have even included some hints on remembering and celebrating those important family days. In case you think that this is no longer important now that you are on your own … let me remind you of the smell of mom’s turkey cooking on Christmas Day … I know you won’t want to miss it. - from the introduction

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Recipe of the Day: Pan-cooked pizza: Heat a large frying pan with a lid over medium heat. Brush both si... http://t.co/TtoUiUIbrV #pizza


French Home Frying Pan with Lid [link removed] http://t.co/SFYvu5z1Pm


French Home Frying Pan with Lid [link removed] http://t.co/o5rjiU9rEE

Cooking recipes

Meat And Spaghetti In Frying Pan Recipe
Ingredients:beef, onions, pasta, sauce, ketchup

Grilled Baby New Potato Salad With French Green Beans and Mint (
Ingredients:balsamic vinegar, cherry tomato, dijon mustard, olive oil, mint, parsley, garlic, kalamata olive, potato, olive oil, salt, water

Garlic Button Mushrooms With Breadcrumbs
Ingredients:butter, mushroom, parsley, bread crumbs, garlic, lemon juice, salt, spring onion, sunflower oil

Pork With Parmesan Coating Schnitzel
Ingredients:bread crumbs, oregano, bread crumbs, eggs, lemon, vegetable oil, parmesan cheese, parsley, pork

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Stephanie Naugher likes cooking for her family
09/29/15, via The Anniston Star

add flavorings and put in a greased and floured tube or Bundt pan. Bake at 300 degrees for one and one-half hours. Melt almond bark according to package directions. Pour cereal, cake mix and powdered sugar into a paper bag or container with lid.

Recipe of the Day: Pan-cooked pizza
09/29/15, via Courier Mail

Heat a large frying pan with a lid over medium heat. Brush both sides of the pizza base with oil, then place, upside-down, in the frying pan. Cover with a lid and cook for 2 minutes, then flip over. Spread the pasta sauce over the pizza base, then scatter ...

All about the bird: Butchers, chefs and a pitmaster weigh in on what makes the perfect Thanksgiving turkey
09/29/15, via The Windsor Star

With the dirty side facing the flames, any food residue burns off while I’m cooking on the top side. I say brilliant! 1. Prepare the jars and lids. 2. In a large pot or preserving pan, combine the cranberries, sugar, cinnamon, star anise, cloves ...


After a self cleaning cycle of the oven, scrubbing, and three rounds of seasoning. The finish is good, liquids roll right off like rain on a waxed car. Not sure about the spots, though. They aren't raised, it's just a different finish in those spots. Anyone know how to fix that? I also did the lid to a relatively new Lodge Dutch oven, and it looks fantastic - very uniform in color and shininess. It is a little rougher metal, and these are pretty smooth. I wonder if that's the difference.

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evidence of a prowler
evidence of a prowler

This is what happens if someone with a cat (read: a cat named Puppy who adores bacon fat) forgets to put a lid over the top of the frying pan after leaving some bacon grease to solidify.

Photo by McBeth

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng prep: 10 mins | cook: 20 mins | serves: 2 What you need: 100g (3½oz) rice 1 x 5ml sp (1tsp) olive oil 1 small egg, beaten (also added a splash of milk) 1 x 5ml sp (1tsp) sesame oil 100g (3½oz) chicken fillet, cut into thin, bite-sized lengths 1 medium carrot, peeled and cut into thin, bite-sized lengths 4 spring onions, trimmed and chopped 2 cloves of garlic, peels and crushed 100g (3½oz) peeled, cooked prawns 50g (1¾oz) beansprouts 2 x 5ml sp (2tsp) soy sauce a pinch of sugar (for good luck) 1. Bring 250ml (9fl oz) water to the boil in a lidded saucepan and pour in the rice. Return to the boil then lower the heat to a simmer. Cover the pan and cook until the rice is tender and all the water is absorbed - around 10-to-15 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a seperate, non-stick omelette pan (or any small frying pan). Make the omelette by adding the beaten egg (with a splash of milk) and, when almost set, fold in half then turn out and slice thinly - Once...

Photo by leekelleher