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Gmod PUN WAR Frying Pan Mod! (Garry's Mod)

ImmortalKyodai and I are in Garry's Mod and play with the Frying Pan Mod. This mod includes a Frying Pan weapon that you can use to smack people on the.

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Why Donald Trump doesn't get the benefit of the doubt on his 'blood' comment

It featured a woman juggling four objects: a frying pan, a broom, a baby and a ballot. And it included a single question: "Can she do it?" That question -- can women be trusted to juggle the things that are culturally prescribed as theirs, along with

How to make tempeh a staple: Simmer, pan-fry, glaze — and keep

Back in January, I was so bold as to issue a hopeful call that 2015 might be the Year of Tempeh. The reasons: a growing interest in plant-based eating and an also-growing realization that fermented soy is the most nutritious (and easiest to digest

Frying Pan Tower owner helps in the search for missing teen boaters from Fla.

Richard Neal, who owns Frying Pan Tower located 30 miles off the Brunswick County shore, told WECT he's taking extra measures to keep an eye out for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen. Neal is keeping the tower lights on at night so if the boys are

The intrepid trip from the Wey to Henley on Thames

Source: Carole's Blog

Day 1 Monday 20th July 2015. Kingfisher count: 2 Weather: Light rain which miraculously stops as we set off and occasional gusty wind. 30am All equipment safely stowed away (or not as it turns out), kingfisher does a fly past to send us on our way and our first intrepid trip from the Wey to the Thames begins. First obstacle, Pyrford lock. We stop to let narrow boat out of lock and another narrow boat with drunken driver goes straight past us, asking where he can find diesel. I warn him about the boat in the lock and he executes a hasty manoeuvre which involves hitting a moored boat, owner of which offers some advice which is impolitely rejected. We decide not to join them in the lock. Moor up for lunch just beyond Cox’s lock – where did the time go. Enjoy the boat names playing on the Wey theme – favourites being ‘This Wey Up’ and ‘Get Out Of The Wey. Arrive at Shepperton meadow opposite Desborough island at 3. 30pm. We will buy the Thames licence tomorrow morning at Shepperton lock. We cravenly give in and hand out some brown bread – the wrong food – I think it should be cat meat, or is that hedgehogs I’m thinking of. Second kingfisher exocets by. Loads of food in cool bag so feast tonight of quiche, beetroot, pre-cooked... Getting into the spirit of this boating lark. Chat amiably to boat owner moored next to us. Boat owners have lots of stories to tell, so we discover, and they mostly fall into the horror or disaster genres. Apparently said owner was here two weeks ago, walked to the shops conveniently close by and returned to find he couldn’t get to his boat due to a body having been found in the water ( just where our boat is now he helpfully points out). The area was now a crime scene and he had to wait several hours before he could return to his vessel. The water this morning is like glass but the reflected images are pixelated like a giant screen. 45am the rush hour begins with our first siting of a Surbiton wedding cake – vast three tier confection containing a driver somewhere in there but not visible to the human eye. We head for Shepperton lock and whilst Ivan is sorting out our licence (£72 for two weeks) I take the opportunity to use the lock toilet. Find it costs 20p so head back to the boat for requisite coin. We are told that we can fill up with water just before Chertsey Lock, however when we get there the lock gates are opening, mooring looks tricky with a strong wind blowing and the lock, we have been told, is unmanned so we enter with the other... We fill up two plastic bottles with water from a tap. Penton Hook lock, fortunately, is manned but no water to be had. We find a mooring at Runnymede and stop for lunch. We decide to stay put for the night as we have done four hours of cruising. Make several trips to the clean public toilets to fill up with water so that we can have a wash. Walk to the new statue of the queen which looks remarkably like Jenny Agutter, on to the Magna Carta memorial and beyond that to the National Trust café for tea and scones. Back to the boat for a wash and brush up before we take a short walk to the Italian Concept restaurant for a pleasant evening meal. Fortunately the aircraft noise stops around 11pm. Day 3 Wednesday 22nd July 2015. Weather: Wind has dropped. Elsan toilet cartridge is filling up. Decide to check out public toilets at Runnymede at 7am but are locked, then 7. 45 and then finally at 8. 30am they open. The joy of clean public toilets with hot running water too. All the mallards on the water appear to be female. We tackle three locks today. We stop at Chris’s cruisers after Windsor lock to ask about the new guide to the Thames that everyone says we need (The river Thames book by Chris Cove-Smith). We are in constant fear of running out of petrol, food, water and toilet facilities Perhaps the book will help.


The Frying Pan - - Chelsea - New York Magazine Bar Guide
Official Website. Hours. Memorial Day-Labor Day: Daily, 11am-midnight; November 1-April 1, closed. Nearby Subway Stops. C, E at 23rd St. Payment Methods

The Frying Pan
Lightship Frying Pan: An historic floating lighthouse in NYC. Open to the public, docked at Pier 66 Maritime Bar & Grill

Frying Pan - 486 Photos - Bars - New York, NY - Reviews - Yelp
1048 Reviews of Frying Pan "This restaurant/bar is awesome. It's located on an anchored boat right on the Hudson, and just became one of my favorite drinking spots in ...

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@Drift0r just put it in a frying pan with a glass lid will cook in a few hours


@Jay_Sanin I can't wait 12 more hours just going to hit myself over the head with a frying pan and hope it's SOCCERTIME when I wake up


can't decide whether to watch the GOP debate tonight or yell incoherently at my garage while battering my head with a frying pan for 3 hours

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Meat And Spaghetti In Frying Pan Recipe
Ingredients:beef, onions, pasta, sauce, ketchup

Easy, No Frying, No Pan to Clean Hot Wings!
Ingredients:apple cider vinegar, butter, cajun seasoning, celery, chicken, hot sauce, garlic powder, ranch dressing

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Recipe: Venison & prune daube with roast cauliflower, olive & pine nut salad
08/10/15, via Stuff

Heat the oil in an ovenproof frying pan then fry the onions for 7 minutes or until soft ... Cover tightly with foil or a lid then cook in the oven for 2 hours or until the meat is very tender (check the liquid level after 1 hour and add a little water ...

Catwalk in the Frying Pan of Spain
08/09/15, via Event planner Spain

designers and VIP guest arriving came a torrential storm never before seen in the area otherwise known as "the frying pan of Spain." Despite the storm’s best efforts to cancel the event, the show went on with a delay of less than two hours. Watch the video

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Battery life is enough for eight hours of playback. Preorders start now ... A particularly promising Indiegogo campaign has kicked off for a frying pan with a connected touchscreen included in the handle. The SmartPrompt pan by Key Ingredient pairs ...

Slow-cooker venison neck roast
Slow-cooker venison neck roast

Ingredients: - meat, here 3 lbs, 11oz of venison neck - 2 onions - garlic, lots - a cup of marmalade (apricot seems best) - 3 tablespoons or so of Dijon mustard - 12 oz or so of beer, or perhaps half as much wine plus some water or dark stock The ingredients are rough, because exact quantities don't matter much. This is roughly what Nathan used for this roast. Use a beef roast if Bambi's not available. Pork will cook a little differently, but the same basic method holds. Also, the alcohol can be replaced by enough dark chicken or beef stock. Alcohol helps disolve and spread flavors that aren't soluble in water. Preparation: Dice the onion and dump it in a slow cooker. Smash the garlic and stick it in cracks in the meat. Cover the meat with mustard and place it in the slow cooker. Cover the meat with marmalade. Pour in the liquids. Turn the slow cooker to low. Go to work, etc. Come home. Eat. If you expect fewer than, say, five hours between cooking and...

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Dehydrate for 12 hours
Dehydrate for 12 hours

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Cooking some beef stew. Finally, stir it all up (I will probably stir again in a few hours) and cook on low for about 12 hours.

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