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Aspen Lodge Log Side Dining Chair from LogFurniturePlace.com

LogFurniturePlace. com gives a closer look at the aspen log dining chair from our Aspen Lodge collection of rustic dining room furniture.

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An outdoor beachside dining table was created by a large driftwood tree stump spotted on the other side of the river. Towing with the dingy and a rope to reach the stone beach, the stump was the perfect table base. Cutting it with a chain saw to dining

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Britt to Pointe au Baril - Canoeing Georgian Bay

Source: ill advised racing inc.

And then we tried actually paddling our boat while loaded down with 75lbs of weight (to simulate the gear we'd need for 5 days of backcountry camping) and nixed that idea completely. While perfectly seaworthy for an afternoon jaunt around a tiny local lake, there was no way in hell I was heading out into the whims of Georgian Bay with only 4" of canoe above the waterline. It used to be a rental boat in White Squall 's fleet and bore a few scratches from its former life, but those just add character. We got a warm welcome and offer to refill our nalgenes & use of the washroom from one of the young Coast Guards before they took off in their boat (hopefully just to patrol the area & not because anyone was in distress), then had ourselves a bit... We could see white-capped waves breaking out on the open Bay as we munched - it wasn't a great way to start our trip. We got set up early, and laid down for a nap around 4pm. Tank crashed almost immediately, but the gusting wind kept me awake as it shook the tent. I kept wondering if it was going to shift the rocks we'd used to anchor it down, but she held solid. After an hour or so, though, the breeze coming through the wide-open windward side of the tent got much cooler and the gusts started to shift around. I popped my head up and saw a rain shower in progress just a kilometer or so north of us, so rolled out to pitch the tarp to give us both a wind break and a dry place to cook dinner. I'd just managed to get everything guyed out and the vestibule on the windward side of the tent (which had been rolled back completely open) zipped down & anchored with another rock by the time the first of the rain showers hit us. Fortunately... The tarp still provided a nice wind break to cook dinner, though. As the last of the light faded, though, our campsite became overrun by mosquitoes in a way I've never experienced before. With our bug repellent apparently ineffective, we unanimously decided to say SCREW THIS and dove into our tent without even one last visit to the peeing rocks. After a seriously hairy crossing south of the Head Islands to get around the west end of Olwyn Island, we darted into the Naiscoot River to seek shelter and bail at least a couple of gallons of water that had washed in over the gunwales as the... We even had a shady spot to set up our chairs (a blessing after 2 days of nearly uninterrupted sunshine), and the little cove behind the point where we beached the canoe gave Tanker a place to fish and me a spot to go for a bit of a swim. The wind was supposed to drop overnight, so we hoped to have a better day on the water on Wednesday. My bitterness over not being able to have a fire the night before was appeased just after another wonderful backcountry dinner - our chosen digs already had a fire pit built and a massive supply of driftwood, plus a big chunk of birch bark to get... We managed to plan things a bit better, getting our teeth brushed (woo. ) and one last visit to the pee rocks, plus dousing our fire before retreating to the safety of the tent as twilight came and the mosquitoes once more took over camp. While the early evening had been a bit calmer, the darkness brought strong, shifting gusts that once more saw me making do with a series of short naps overnight. Awaking early to get a start before the worst of the chop could blow up, I checked the forecast again to see that the wind warning had been renewed at 6:30am with no respite anticipated until evening. With the Bayfield Inlet as our intended destination, we decided to try to shoot the Chicken Liver Channel to cut the distance we'd have to paddle without protection from outlying land by almost two-thirds. After one false start, we found our route and enjoyed a lovely jaunt through the calm, shallow waters. We still had to round Naiscoot Point before we could duck into the relative safety of the Charles Inlet.

Lippa Dining Side Chair - Set of 4 by Modway Grey

Lippa Dining Side Chair - Set of 4 by Modway Grey


Price: $579.94

Lippa Dining Side Chair - Set of 4 by Modway Grey

Arts and Crafts Side Chair, Printed Plan

Arts and Crafts Side Chair, Printed Plan


Price: $19.95

This Arts and Crafts style chair fits comfortably in a dining room or a library. The upholstered, deep seat and curved back rest contribute to the comfort of the chair. With its coopered back splat and angled joinery, it offers plenty of construction challenges, but a variety of jigs and templates help you to handle the curves and angles. With the templates and detailed instructions provided, you could make a set of these chairs. Features: Extensive full-size and scale drawings Complete cutlist Instructions for making templates and jigs Slip-seat how-to


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Shop Side Chairs : Kitchen & Dining Chairs at Walmart.com - and save. Buy Imagio Home Lofts Collection Faux Leather Parsons Side Chairs, Set of 2, Chocolate at a ...

Dining Room Chairs and Kitchen Chairs | Crate and Barrel
Find dining and kitchen chairs at Crate and Barrel. Browse styles including upholstered, wood and metal dining room chairs. Order dining chairs online.

Dining Side Chairs by Thomasville Furniture
Dining side chairs are typically placed along the side of the dining table. Our chairs come upholstered or in leather.

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TUSCANY STYLE DINING CHAIRS Excellent ~ 6-Side Chairs 2-End Chairs ~ NO TABLE - Full read … http://t.co/9pH01ddV7t http://t.co/nS7W814vk9


6 Thomasville Deschanel Leather Tufted Upholstered Arm Side Dining Chairs 46721 http://t.co/nTQehQCErT http://t.co/8l3fZ8N8Fi


Pair 2 Solid Mahogany Chippendale Dining Side Chairs w/ Cream Fabric http://t.co/eUkicKXMZQ http://t.co/hLzQ03MLrf

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On the Table: Mallorca needs to bring menu up to same level as setting and staff
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Far from the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, this South Side corner is more often a stage for hammered ... A smoke and an espresso later, the diner walked through the empty dining room, past chairs on tables that had been occupied an hour before.

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At a smaller dining room in the back, a balloon man is about to set up his gears for making balloon animals and other characters per request. Sears’ father, Art, who watches the two girls on the side ... while standing on the chair.

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In addition to the requisite awesome chandelier, groupings of family pictures overlook the dining-room table, which is from Cecconi Simone; the side board is courtesy of ... is from Chatelet on Queen; the ghost chair from ABC Carpet in New York.

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The interior of the historic Wurstkuchl "fried sausage kitchen" housed in a former salt storehouse on the banks of the Danube River, Regensburg, Bavaria. The Wurstkuchl claims to be the worlds oldest. Avalaon Waterways Impression gave us all a voucher for lunch and a beer at the restaurant. 6 delicious sausages, homemade buns, sauerkraut and very tasty homemade mustard. More background: In the medieval city of Regensburg the Wurstkuchl tavern has been operating for over 500 years. The tavern is situated beside the town's Old Stone Bridge and directly on the banks of the Danube. During the Middle Ages, Wurstkuchl began serving hot, home-cooked meals to stonemasons and dockworkers. Over the centuries, the menu's focus changed to a secret-recipe, chargrilled pork sausage. The small sausages are served steaming hot with a side of sauerkraut (fermented in Wurstkuchl's cellar). With a light sear on the outside, the sausages give a satisfying snap when you bite into them....

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Ottawa, a capital do Canadá. A Câmara dos Comuns do Canadá (em inglês Canadian House of Commons; em francês Chambre des Communes du Canada) é uma parte do Parlamento do Canadá, que também inclui o chefe do Estado do Canadá (o monarca do Reino Unido, representado pelo governador-geral) e pelo Senado do Canadá. Todos os 308 membros que compõem a Câmara dos Comuns são eleitos democraticamente, que são conhecidos como "Membros do Parlamento". Os membros são eleitos a termos que possuem um limite máximo de cinco anos, ou até que o parlamento seja dissolvido. Cada membro é um representante escolhido de um dos 308 atuais distritos eleitorais do Canadá. A Câmara dos Comuns foi estabelecida em 1867, quando o Ato da América do Norte Britânica de 1867 criou o Dominion of Canada (o nome oficial do Canadá), baseado na Câmara dos Comuns do Reino Unido. Em prática, a Câmara dos Comuns, ou Câmara Inferior (Lower House) é muito mais poderosa do que o Senado, a Câmara Superior (Upper...

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