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Baratza Forte BG (Brew Grinder) Flat Steel Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder

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Ditting KR1203 Grinding 1 lbs of coffee on#3

Another Ditting KR1203 Grinding 1 lbs of coffee on#3.

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Ditting USA Commercial and Industrial Coffee Grinders
Ditting USA has extended the warranty offered on all new and demo model retail ... They have chosen Ditting as their main coffee grinder in the store.

Ditting Coffee Grinders Product Range and Models
We buy used Ditting grinders! ORDER DIRECT. TRADE FAIRS. CONTACT. SITE MAP © Ditting USA: Product Range: Retail Grinders Industrial Grinders

Sales and After Sales Service is ensured around the World through our solid Ditting distribution network – selected for its proven reliability and efficiency.

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DITTING_KR804) Ditting Coffee Grinder - KR804 Series - Black w ...

DITTING_KR804) Ditting Coffee Grinder - KR804 Series - Black w ...
Image by www.espressoparts.com

Ditting Swiss KF1203 Retail Grinder

Ditting Swiss KF1203 Retail Grinder
Image by www.coffeeomega.co.uk

DITTING_KF804) Ditting Coffee Grinder - KF804 Series - Black

DITTING_KF804) Ditting Coffee Grinder - KF804 Series - Black
Image by www.espressoparts.com

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Fresh Cup
Fresh Cup

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Ditting Swiss Coffee Grinder KR 1203 http://t.co/XiD8u4g3B7 http://t.co/jB58V0Lrwn


Ditting Swiss Coffee Grinder KR 1203 http://t.co/zwOLtfhHuN http://t.co/TLu4nbCOLh


Ditting Bulk Coffee Grinder Model KFA 1203 http://t.co/I6A0bwzYa6 http://t.co/Og6bKEqWzM

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Swiss Things - Coffee Grinder
Swiss Things - Coffee Grinder

These seemingly everlasting coffee grinders I see almost daily at the supermarket. Because these machines look so ancient I've been thinking about. Emotionally, I thought that they exist since I am born. So I researched a bit and found, they probably must come from the eighties. The manufacturer still exists, and the machines also. And the design has not changed significantly. Despite of the wide distribution of coffee capsules, here is freshly ground. A stunning example of Swiss quality. Switzerland, Feb 25, 2013.

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Ditting home grinder
Ditting home grinder

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