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Cold Springs coffee

While on a recent off road bike tour over Humbug Summit ,we brewed some "ice" coffee while camping at Cold springs near the PCT. Beans are from Blue Bottle.

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How to Drink Better Coffee on Your Summer Vacation

One of the key factors in getting a fresh cup is to grind the beans right before you brew, so you'll need a manual grinder. The contraption can double as an icebreaker with fellow campers around the firepit, and only adds about 45 seconds to your prep

A Field Guide to the American Sandwich

You want a wedge? Did you grow up in Westchester County, N. Y.? The hero is often associated with Italian delis in New York City, whereas the grinder comes from points north, in Connecticut and deeper into New England, unless the folks up there decide

12 Must-Brings For Your Next Stargazing Trip

From campsite finders to coffee makers — with telescopes in between — these tools can help get you out under starry skies and keep you warm and dry as the constellations come out to play. GetOutfitted: If you're in the dark about camping, there's no

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Directory Camping Coffee Grinder
Product Features... 10 when you buy 2 Manual Coffee Grinder for you and a family member ...

Best Camping Coffee Grinder Guide - Camposaur - The Best ...
WHAT’S THE BEST CAMPING COFFEE GRINDER? You love a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean you need to leave your favorite ...

Nothing Beats a Portable Coffee Grinder for Camping!
There are many portable coffee grinders on the market and most of them are cheap, light weighted and uses the manual conical burr grinding system making it ideal for ...

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Looking to buy camping coffee grinder in both small and large size.

Looking to buy camping coffee grinder in both small and large size.
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camping coffee grinder

camping coffee grinder
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Camping Coffee Grinder

Camping Coffee Grinder
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Camping For Dummies
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Blisslii Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder (Aeropress Compatible) w/FREE Coffee Scoop ... -


Some women bring their hair dryers and flat irons and makeup camping. I bring my coffee grinder.…


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How to Drink Better Coffee on Your Summer Vacation
08/05/15, via Village Voice

It’s even worse for those who enjoy camping, and don’t consider RVs and cowboy coffee charming. The good news is that ... so you’ll need a manual grinder. The contraption can double as an icebreaker with fellow campers around the firepit, and only ...

Grindz coffee grinder cleaner
03/30/15, via Boing Boing (blog)

Running Grindz through my ceramic burr grinder fixed everything. Grindz are pellets of wheat and rice flour that clean off the contact surfaces in your coffee grinder. After running the cleaner through, grind a few measures of coffee to clear out the ...

Mary Hunt: Gifts to thrill and delight coffee snobs
02/09/15, via Herald & Review

Watch this short video to learn more then suggest that your recipient does, too, just in case you've happened onto something new and exciting for your coffee snob. About $30. BURR GRINDER. We snobs insist on crushing our coffee beans, not cutting them with ...

Do I need any other #coffee stuff for #BM2k9?
Do I need any other #coffee stuff for #BM2k9?

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tonx coffee!
tonx coffee!

This was waiting for us when we returned from camping. What better way to return to civilization than really good coffee? Unwilling to subject it to my nasty old drip coffee maker, I figured out how to use the little stovetop percolator thing we have. If only we had a better grinder, I fear mine is traumatizing the beans. But still comes out most excellent!

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Jerry's brew
Jerry's brew

Photo by heykliff