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Morgan and Marc help guide you through picking a coffee grinder. Whether you're looking for an entry-level grinder.

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Gadget Review: Six of the Best Hand Coffee Grinders

For the most part, these grinders are best suited for drip coffee, as attempting to grind espresso would be both exhausting and low-performing. Those serious about grinding espresso should invest in something better like a Rancilio Rocky or even a La 

Be Your Own Barista: The Secret to Making Quality Craft Coffee

Santana, Special Contributor. Kitchen Aid. Here is a guideline for making the best cup of coffee you'll ever have. Good coffee starts with good coffee beans. You should be as choosy about your The KitchenAid Burr Grinder offers precision

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Stoke City: player rankings to the theme of ways to make ...

I love coffee. I'm a self-confessed coffee snob and someone who obsesses over details. I roast my own beans, own six different brewing methods, and have a professional ceramic burr grinder on my Amazon wish list. However, since I turned 70 I can no

Be Your Own Barista: The Secret to Making Quality Craft Coffee - The Daily Meal


The term refers to the growing pursuit of making high-quality, premium coffee that engages drinkers in the story of coffee, not just the sipping of it. From the origin of the beans to how it is brewed, craft coffee is about awakening your senses... Shops like Peace Coffee in Minneapolis and Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park, California (named one of the 21 Hottest Coffee Shops Across the U. S. by Eater), have been on the forefront of the craft coffee movement. Good coffee starts with good coffee beans. You should be as choosy about your beans as you are about your greens and grains. Coffee farmers put an enormous amount of time into growing the best coffee beans , so choose a bean that comes from a fair trade practice that compensates farmers. Research the flavor profiles of the beans — if you like chocolate and nuts, find a coffee that plays on those aspects. Also, choose coffee that has been freshly roasted. The right size grind is imperative for proper extraction. You’ll want to use a quality machine, like KitchenAid’s Burr Grinder, to do this. Too coarse a grind can result in a jammed brewer and brown water. Too fine and you’ve essentially created a pool of water for your beans to float in. Each brew method demands the proper grind size, delivering flavor and texture to create the optimum flavor. The KitchenAid Burr Grinder offers precision grinding that is really the first step in creating a consistent cup of rich craft coffee. About that brew method… choose one that appeals not just to your tastes but also to your personality. If you’re looking for a bold, full-bodied, and robust cup of coffee, a French press is for you. KitchenAid’s Precision Press Coffee Brewer enhances the simplicity of the French press process but elevates it with its stainless-steel construction and integrated scale and timer. There is no need to fumble around with a measuring cup — this machine makes it easy to measure coffee to water ratio. It actually measures the coffee and water by weight instead of volume — a method favored by professional baristas around the world. And its stainless-steel construction provides optimal heat retention for coffee. These high-tech features ensure that the Precision Press will brew the best possible cup of coffee every time. Craft coffee also embraces the lost art of coffee brewing in techniques like pour over or espresso pulling. Siphon coffee brewing was invented in the 1800s and involves vacuum brewing for an artistic approach to coffee-making. Each of the brewers in KitchenAid’s new line has been engineered for precise performance. Exact water temperature is achieved in each brewer, allowing the grinds to awaken, bloom, and reveal their flavor, so no matter which method you prefer, the perfect pure cup of coffee is just moments away. Ready to give home craft coffee brewing a shot. Channel your inner barista and get brewing. Great Grinders. Once the farmers and roasters have done their thing, and you have brought their finished product home, it is time to start working on yours. Are you using the right brew method for your beans. And about those beans… did you know that you should really be grinding them yourself. Choose a grinder that takes the guesswork out of it for you. KitchenAid’s new Burr Grinder offers 15 selectable grinds for a wide variety of coffee beverages. Two precision, flat-cutting burrs grind beans to superb consistency every time. Pour-over coffee is taking over the craft coffee scene one filter at a time. Unsure about how steady your pouring hand actually is, but want to give this artful method a try. Automated pour-over technology in the Pour Over Coffee Brewer by KitchenAid does the work for you. The machine precisely heats and pulses the flow of water, so grounds are allowed to bloom, revealing a clean, full, bright-flavored coffee that isn’t over-soaked or diluted. Plus, you can select medium or dark roast to match your favorite flavor profile. Click here for Quality Craft Coffee slideshow.

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Espresso Machine Buying Guide - Don't Skimp on the Grinder
It is extremely capable as an espresso grinder, ... grade grinder (compared to the Anfim Best's more ... to the coffee, but the flat burr models we ...

Best Burr Coffee Grinders - Top Picks & Reviews
Burr coffee grinders are the best choice for specialty brews. ... Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso: Espresso drinkers are the hardest coffee fans to please.

Best Coffee Grinders - Coffee Grinder Reviews
With 16 settings, it grinds for espresso, drip coffee and French press, and owners say its slow motor preserves flavor. ... Best Burr Coffee Grinder: ...

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Burr Coffee Grinder is able to develop the full flavor of the coffee ...

Burr Coffee Grinder is able to develop the full flavor of the coffee ...
Image by

Are you Looking for hand coffee grinder burr Lowest Price. Hurry! this ...

Are you Looking for hand coffee grinder burr Lowest Price. Hurry! this ...
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Best burr coffee grinder is clean and dust free (almost)

Best burr coffee grinder is clean and dust free (almost)
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The Art and Craft of Coffee
The Art and Craft of Coffee
Published by Quarry Books 2011
ISBN 9781610580946,161058094X
176 pages

“In the decades that Kevin Sinnott has spent meeting with and interviewing hundreds of coffee professionals, rather than crossing over to the dark side and becoming one himself, he has taken what he has learned and translated it from coffee geek-speak into English. Why? For the sole purpose of allowing you to better enjoy your coffee. In short, if you like coffee, you will love this book.” —Oren Bloostein, proprietor of Oren’s Daily Roast There is no other beverage that gives you a better way to travel the world than coffee. You can literally taste the volcanic lava from Sumatra, smell the spice fields of India, and lift your spirits to the Colombian mountaintops in your morning cup of joe. The Art and Craft of Coffee shows you how to get the most out of your coffee, from fresh-roasted...

How to Make Espresso So Good You'll Never Waste Money on Starbucks Again
How to Make Espresso So Good You'll Never Waste Money on Starbucks Again
Published by Oculus Publishers 2012
ISBN 9781938895142,1938895142

If you want to know how to make creamy, rich, mouth-watering espresso at home, even without a fancy machine, then you want to read this book. You see, making killer espresso that blows Starbucks away (and any other coffee chain for that matter) comes down to doing a lot of little things right, such as... Selecting the right beans and roasts, and creating the right blends. Using your machine and grinder correctly. Dosing, tamping, level, and pulling the shots properly. And more. If all that sounds complicated to you, don't worry--this book breaks it all down and teaches you, step by step, everything you need to know to brew heavenly "god shots" that are the hallmark of true coffee maestros. In this book, you'll learn things like... How to "speak espresso" so you can understand all of the...

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My Coffeemakers
My Coffeemakers

The Aeropress is available at Amazon:

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Robur Bottom Burr
Robur Bottom Burr

Here's my friend's Robur E's bottom burr... It looks surprisingly dirty as well! It makes me wonder if the rough parts on these grinders are from rocks, as I initially assumed, or from poor craftsmanship.

Photo by nalundgaard